Big River Grill?


OK, opinions, reviews, pics? I am considering this as one of our ADR’s for Sept. I want to hear your experiences. It seems to have something everyone in my family would like and I think since the dining selections at DHS are lacking (IMO) it may be nice to leave DHS early one evening, and take the boat over to the Boarwalk area for dinner.

What do you think?


We’ve been there once and enjoyed our meal. My DH liked the beer and had fun tasting their microbrew. I think we had some of our best service there and the food was good.


The meatloaf is outstanding. It’s not a fancy place, but the food is plentiful (too plentiful for me) and good.


Thanks. We are not drinkers, but the menu looked appealing. I always love to hear about good service.


Sounds like my DH’s kind of place. Not fancy is his preferred atmosphere and he has a very hearty appetite.

Thanks so much for your opinion.


Oh my gosh, SUCH good ribs & mashed potatoes!!! So good! We had fun tasting all the brews too. I’d definately try it if I were you! I remember not being able to do an ADR there though, so just pick a good time/day for an easy walk-up.


Thank you so much. I think I’m pretty much sold already. When I call to make my other ADR’s I will ask just in case, but I’m fine with walking up and waiting.


We have been a few times and have enjoyed it greatly. It is not fancy, and it is not a LeCellier, but it is good. We have always had fast good service there. I do not believe they do ADR’s. We have always gone late afternoon (early dinner) and mostly walked in. I do recall calling directly there 1 year, and making a reservation a day or 2 prior, but it was not through Disney Dining.


I’ve eaten here a couple of times and liked it. Simple fare, good service, and outdoor dining if you prefer.


If it’s a nice day - choose to dine outside. I know it’s just “one of those little things”, but this place is noisy from the chairs scrapping on the floor - iI don’t know why, but stuff like that bothers me.:laugh:


We tried it on our last trip 2 years ago and all enjoyed our meals. I remember not being able to make an ADR w/ Disney but had a number I called 24 hours prior to our meal. It was a little tight where we sat but service was good.


We found Big River Grill, on our first trip to WDW.
Great meal, plan on going again this trip in September

It turned out our server noticed my father’s Cdn Mickey Pin, asked where in Canada we were from and grew up 1 hour from us.
Small world


We had a bad experience – DD had a huge chunk of green cardboard from a Heineken case in her burger patty… yeah, it was big enough for us to read the words, about the size of a walnut! Gross. She’s only just now comfy with burgers again.



However, I didn’t know this place was a micro-brew. I may have to keep this on the list for next time. Dave would really love that!


We’ve eaten their a couple of times (lunch and dinner) and enjoyed it. If you’re seated inside, it can be a little loud. We would certainly go back.