Big River Grill?


I was excited to see that Big River is now on the dining plan. I have wanted to try it for a while now. What are you thoughts? What would you recommend from the menu? Thanks!


I really enjoy going to this resturant, I love sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air and the view of the board walk. I also love the meatloaf there, I had it a couple times and it is really good.:laugh::happy:


I have really enjoyed the steak (NY strip) and shrimp combo. The shrimp is not as good as I get up north, but it is very good. Sharon loves the Chicken Alfredo. Sitting outside is fantastic, especially in the early evening when there is a lot of activity on the Boardwalk.


We really enjoyed our meal there. DH had the meatloaf and DS and myself had the chicken alfredo, mmmmm. Were we sat was a little tight, off to the left of the bar when you are facing the restaurant.

Worth it to go!!!


I’d go for the steak… because DD had a huge gob of cardboard from a Heineken case inside her hamburger patty when we ate there two trips ago.

Other than the cardboard, the food was excellent, and the service was friendly. We also sat outside, which was very nice.


OMG!!:blow: It must have been a pretty big gob if you could tell it was from a Heineken case! Did they have any explanation as to how that could have happened??


No, no explanation, but they did take the burger off the bill!


Just the burger!!! OMG!!!