Big River Grille & Brewing Company


Just tried to make ADR for BRG&BC at the Boardwalk. They participate with the dinning plans, but you have to call them direct to make reservations??? Is this a hidden gem? We are set for lunch as far as I know. You dont get a reservation number, but when you arrive you give your name and get booted to the front of the line. Would love to hear from anyone who has done this before.(Come on Soundgod, I know you are out there.):laugh:


We go there for the good food and better beer. I have only made resssie’s once. All other times we are on the Boardwalk to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and take whatever time they have open. Not many people remember BRG. Enjoy.


I wouldn’t call it a hidden gem but the food is good and we have had very good service. We didn’t make a reservation and didn’t have to wait to be seated but it was pouring so I think most people were trying to keep dry else where.


We just went there in June. I had the sirloin & shrimp, with mashed potatoes it was good, nothing to write home about. My husband had a burger, he too liked his meal but again nothing too spectacular. We had chicken nacho’s for a appit, they were yummy.
It reminds me of something like an Applebee’s.
The only reason why we went was because they we one of the only restaurant that could accommodate our huge party, of 30!
If you like beer it’s the place for you!


We really like Big River! We usually go mid-afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner, and we’ve never had a reservation, and we’ve never waited at all. I hope you enjoy it!


Not a hidden gem and you can’t make reservations through CRO/WDW DINE.
I’m not sure if they do take reservations, but you could try calling them directly.
The food is OK, not the greatest, but certainly far from the worst.
But this is Boss Mouse’s kind of place (fresh beer brewed on premisis).


We didnt like it. We wanted to try it but would not rush back.


The meatloaf is just about the best meatloaf I’ve ever tasted. If you’re in the mood for “comfort food” this is a great place. However, if weather permits, eat outside. The noise of the metal chairs against a concrete floor are :pinch::pinch::pinch:


Oh, funny. I thought I was the only one who hates that noise. We have a restuarant in town that has great food, but will not go there because of that.


We ate there in December. The nachos were great, but I can’t say the rest of the meal was very impressive. I wouldn’t make a special trip to the Boardwalk just for dinner at Big River.