Big River Grille & Brewing Works


Has anyone ever eaten here? What are your thoughts!!!


I like it there, the ribs are VERY “fall off the bone” yummy and DH likes the on-site brews they make. They don’t take ADRs though, so if you are planning on going there, ESPECIALLY on a Friday or Saturday evening, just remember to arrive a little early for a possible wait.


We ate there in 2001 and enjoyed it. Haven’t been able to work it into our schedule again until this coming trip.


It is a decent walk-in type place. Think Friday’s/Chili’s like


Not a fan of Fridays/Chili’s for vacation. I appreciate the comparison. I actually made a “PS” for the night in question. They don’t make ADR’s but they do make “PS’s”, go figure!!! I guess I will keep it and have a look to see if w are interested, if not I can cancel!

I appreciate the feedback!


where is this place?


The Boardwalk!


I’ve tried to make PSs here in the past, before they started calling them ADRs. No PS for Big River. In July, it was the same, no reservations at Big River, no matter what you call it.


If you are looking from the International Gateway side of the lake, it is to the left the Yacht and Beach Club (and swan and Dolpin) but to the right of the Flying Fish.


We make it a point to go every year, sometimes just for a brew, they are great, but we almost always get something to eat as well. They don’t do fancy, though, pretty basic menu, but we’ve never had a bad thing yet!


They have a great blacken mahi mahi sandwich.


We have eaten there in the past. Like it a lot. Good steaks (not as good as LeCellier in Canada), and Tim likes the mirco beers that they brew there. Go early so the wait is not too long.


where on the boardwalk is it. i was there this weekend and i didn’t see it.


If you are standing on the board walk, facing the Boardwalk resort, it is just to the right.


it is past the store on the way toward dueling banjos then, correct?


Yes. Unless you came on a Friendship straight from MGM, you probably walked right past it. And it’s a functioning micro-brewery as well.


We’ve dined there on a couple occasions and enjoyed it. There’s a nice selection of microbrews and the food and service were also quite good. It’s not a very big establishment, so you may want to plan accordingly…


We’re going late, as in, after Illuminations, so there shouldn’t be much of a wait after 9:40 and they’re open until 11.


yes, if go past the Dueling Pianos towards the Y and BC you have gone too far.


DD and I ate at Big River Grille in February… we had an outdoor table at lunch, and we had slow service, lots of little black flying bugs that would land on the table, on your body or even on your food!

Also, my DD ordered a burger, which came – and I am not kidding – with a huge chunk of beer carton inside the patty. A green chunk of disgusting beer cardboard, mixed right into the hamburger meat!!! Ewwwww. They apologized and brought her a new burger, which she of course couldn’t eat because she was so grossed out. So we dined two on my salad. They were friendly, but there was no adjustment on the bill.

I wish we had kept walking down the Boardwalk and had a better meal at Spoodles…