Big Sale at the Disney Outlet!


I got this email this am: Disney Outlet |

Great stuff . . . tees for only $2.99 and $3.99!! :wub:


Cool! And a snow globe sale too. My 4 yr old niece LOOOOVES snow globes.


It’s so bad . . . I bought a ton of Ts and beach towels . . . why do they have to temp me with a sale AND $5 shipping!! :pinch:

Good deals though . . . and lots of stuff to save for birthday gifts! :happy:


Exactly what I was thinking. Home Shopping Closet needs an infusion of gifts. :happy:


Shopping Yeah and cash back from SR!!


DH just called and said I have two Disney packages waiting for me at home…Yippee!! Love Disney shopping!!
Although, I was hit with a $45 border charge on top of my $30 International shipping fee!:pinch:
Luckily the prices are so good, they more than make up for the extra fees. And, I have to admit, it was a large order.:blush:


We have a Disney outlet store at our local outlet mall. I wonder if these deals are the same in the store. My best friend is wanting to make a trek to the mall before the big kids are out of school in 2 weeks, and I’d like to avoid the s/h charges.