Birthday at WDW


I was wondering what fun things there are to do on your birthday at WDW. We will be celebrating mine when we go in April and plan to visit MK that day. Any suggestions???


go to guest relations get a birthday button sometimes the cms suprise you with a call from someone special

Let them know at your resort they usually have a card and balloons waiting for you from a certain character

I stayed at pop and they sent me one from Mickey then my friend who at the time worked at Pop found out and he had them send one from pooh and the gang since I love tigger

I have gotten free desserts at dinner and lunch when they find out its my birthday


Here is some info: :smile:


Just being in WDW on your birthday is a cool enough gift… But it is really fun walking around with the “It’s my Birthday” pin on. You’ll have CM’s telling you “Happy Birthday” all day long. It’s kinda special…


I was there for my birthday and never got the pin. It was so crowded that day, I didn’t remember to go get it. :crying:


At Magic Kingdom, the birthday badges are given away free at Town Hall, the big building to your right just as you come out of the tunnels under Main Street!


Thanks for asking this, we are planning a trip for my DS in May for his birthday. He is going to be so proud walking around with his birthday buttons. Between his Guest of Honor badge and his birthday button I hope he gets plenty of attention.


We were there in October for my birthday. My DW called down to the hotel desk and they sent up balloons and a picture of Mickey signed wishing me a Happy Birthday! It is one on my favorite things. :cool:

And you know what… they didn’t charge us 1 cent!! Amazing!!!


I went for my bday 2 years ago and it was great. I wore a birthday cake hat and a button. The hotel (Poly) gave me a cake and balloons and a certificate. I got to ride in the ront of the monorail ( 4 person maximum) and people always wished me happy birthday. It was a great trip and we’re going for my birthday again next year. I hope you have a great time. Happy Birthday! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


Thanks a lot!!! I’ll have to be sure that I pick up a button at MK and tell the front desk when we check-in. That would be so cool to get balloons and a card from one of the characters in our room. We’re planning on making a PS at Crystal Palace for lunch that day. The one present I’m really hoping for is a ride on Expedition Everest! Crossing my fingers :happy:


My wife was wearing a birthday pin last summer and just prior to Spectromagic, a CM saw her crossing Main Street near the Walt statue. He grabbed her hand, turned on his microphone and in front of the entire crowd, sang happy birthday to her. By the end of the song, the entire crowd was singing also. Lesson here is: if you wear that button, be prepared.


For my birthday trip, my DD made me a “today is my 50th birthday” and for my DH, “today is my wife’s 50th birthday”. I think I got so many more happy birthdays than just wearing the pin. I noticed that later in the week, I would see someone with just a button but they were just about by me before I could say happy birthday. The t-shirts really made the differance. As far as what happened on my B-day, aside from lots and lots of happy birthdays, I did get balloons and card in our room, a front of the line card for listen to the land ride, our server gave me the speech about someone wanting to say hi but couldn’t wait so he might call, I got goofy, we also had a free dessert at le celliar, at pizzafari, we went in for a bite and the server (maybe manager) said to get me a piece of cake and then the whole kitchen staff sang happy birthday. It was a wonderful day. I felt very special.


For my birthday one year i got a call from Cinderella :wub: It was very special!

If you have a birthday button, CM’s may notice. Once I saw someone get a free birthday churro from the Mexico pavilion at EC on their birthday! :tongue:

There are also hats shaped like birthday cakes if you want everyone to notice!!! :biggrin:


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I am going for my b-day Sept 16-23!I can’t wait!Have a good b-day Bonnie!


If you’re staying at a WDW resort, make sure that they add in the notes on your reservation that you’re celebrating a birthday. I did that when we stayed at the Poly for DH’s 40th and when we checked in and got to our room there was a cake (delicious!), balloons and a certificate for him and a coloring book and crayons for DD waiting for us! Talk about a magical way to start a vacation. :wub: