Birthday Celebration


Hey everyone! Just a quick question. My family will be at WDW in just a little over a week. Our son will be celebrating his eighth birthday the day that we arrive. I was wanting to find out if there is anything special (with a Disney touch) that we can do for him. I have heard about getting balloons in the room (ASM) and about a button at MK but not sure how to get them. Has anyone had their own experiences with this?


The button can be obtained at City Hall at the MK (as soon as you enter Town Square, it’s on the left near the fire station and where the Main St vehicles are housed). You’ll be surprised how much attention he gets with his birthday button on.

As far as special treatment at the resort, you might want to call ASM directly and find out what they have to offer.


When we checked into our resort last year, we told the person there that we were celebrating our boys’ birthdays and were asked what their favorite characters were. And on their birthday mousekeeping left birthday cards from Captain Hook and Tigger for each boy and some trinket. I cannot remember but I think they were Mardi Gras coins.
With the birthday bottons we were greeted by a really nice CM from Mexico who said that there was a phone call for the boys and it was Mickey wishing them a Happy Birthday. We got “front of the line” passes all over MK, the list goes on and on and all of it made the boys feel special.


I’d suggest taking someone along…say maybe a relative you really LOVES WDW and told you about this website…to help with the logistics. He could take the kids to MK for you while you plan for a birthday party.


Cavey’s volunteering. He is so selfless. :pirate:


WDW does a great job with birthdays!! Make sure you get the birthday buttons everywhere… all the parks have them. Almost every single CM will say happy birthday, and a few will give you some nice freebies. (fastpasses, taking you through the “CM only” places to the front of the line, etc) I got a birthday phone call from Goofy in Mexico and my brother got one in the American Adventure - seems like Epcot is the place. My mom told the hotel it was my bro’s birthday and the next day when we came back from the parks there was a personalized birthday card on the bed signed by Mickey himself! Hope your son has a GREAT birthday!! :happy:


Thanks for the ideas! :smile: Where at Epcot could I get the button? We will be at Epcot in the morning and MK late afternoon and evening. Sorry Cavey, I don’t think you would fit in my carry-on :huh:


At Guest Services inside the park. It’s a pink building off to the left of Spaceship Earth, if you’re facing World Showcase. :slight_smile:


And if you also get your child a Guest of Honor badge with their name on it, they will be greeted by name all day, “Happy Birthday, ____!” It’s so cool. They get amazed every time it happens.


Hope your son has a great birthday…Disney-style!!!


We did this, and my kids loved it, but didn’t I read somewhere that they stopped making Guest of Honor badges? I may be wrong, but I thought I had heard that.


I’m stealing all these ideas - except for Cavey and his babysitting volunteerism, I have no room for him in our carry ons either. During our stay, we’ll have 2 Birthdays to celebrate.


We just celebrated DD’s 5th birthday at WDW in October. YOU MUST get the pins! Don’t be shy about mentioning the birthday to people either. Some of them don’t notice the pins (especially charaters) but if you kind of drop the hint they go nuts. WDW is the BEST place to celebrate a birthday. When we checked in we just casually mentioned it was Emilie’s birthday trip and they asked her age and favorite character. On her birthday we came back to the room to find balloons and a card from Belle and Beast! It made her day!