Birthday Celebrations at Restaurants


So, my bf and I will be going to Disney in January and his birthday is smack dab in the middle of our vacation. He at first told me that he didn’t want any fuss in any of the restaurants (boring!! :glare: )but he just told me that if it would make me happy that I could tell them (yes it would make me happy!! :laugh: ). I have already made all of our ADRs but is it worth it to call back and have them add a special note to our plans? Or should I just tell them when I get there? I am leaning towards calling them back (ok, I admit, just another excuse to plan more!) but I wanted to know what they really do for birthdays in the restaurants. Does anyone know?


When I called to cancel one reservation and add a note to the CRT reservation, the rep said that she would make a note ont he reservation in the computer, but I would still have to tell them at the door.


I’ve done this and, IMO, it’s better to put a note on the ADR AND ask for a direct line phone number to the restaurant.

Depending on the restaurant, they may have some ideas for doing something special.

In most Disney restaurants, they’ll sing to the birthday boy/girl. Marrakesh was GREAT. They sang to me an Arabic birthday song.

I called ahead for DW’s birthday at DTD/Portobello Yacht Club and the chef prepared a little cake with “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate on the plate.

Then, one of the kitchen staff came out to sing to her in Italian. :wub:


I would call back and have it added to your ADRs. My DS turned 8 during our May trip and we had his birthday noted on all our ADRs and we didn’t have to say a word when we got to the restaurant, they had it noted. Most of the time he got a cupcake and at Liberty Tree Tavern they sang to him. Chef Mickey’s did a general celebration for everyone at the same time but he still got a cupcake.


Tell them when you call and mention it again when you check in. When we celebrated our 5th Anniversary, I made a big deal about telling every CM. A card from Mickey and Minnie was in our room. At Boma, we got a card with CM signatures in native languages, and a special dessert tray, of treats not offered on the dessert bar. For DH 40 birthday, I got him a birthday button and every CM he came across made a fuss. he got something free at every counter service we went to. We had breakfast at CP and the charactersand CM made a fuss over him.

Tell everyone about a special occasion, you never know what surprise Disney may have for you.


I did my DD’s birthday celebration at O’hanna and they did a nice job with it. They sang to her and brought her a little cake…it was really nicely done.


I am going to have to call and have those notes made. I am also going to take Merlin Matt’s suggestion and get the direct number to the restaurants.