Birthday Dinner Suggestions?


Hi! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted!

We’re going to be at Disney World from June 2 through 7, and since my 42nd birthday is on the 6, I get to pick where we have my birthday dinner. We’ll have our 2 kids with us, ages 12 and 15 (who are somewhat picky, but not unreasonably so), and we’re not really into character dining, but wouldn’t rule out somewhere with good food if characters were there.

Any suggestions? I’d just like to have some wonderful food and some kind of cool Disney dining atmosphere.

Thanks for the help! :mickey:


Have you been to Hoop Dee Doo? It a fun dinner show with pretty good food.


I’ll sound like the proverbial broken record, but if it’s the food quality that you’re after, you can’t beat Le Cellier or Artist Point.


That’s very true. Flying Fish is also very, very good.


Thanks for those suggestions, and while I think the menus at the Flying Fish and Le Cellier look really good, my kids gave me looks of horror when I showed them the menus. sigh It’s going to have to be somewhere that has some halfway “normal” things (leaning toward vegetarian or chicken for my daughter). I think the Hoop De Doo would be fun, but I’m not sure that I was looking for that kind of food for my birthday dinner. I kind of want something a little more special than ribs and chicken.

It’s going to be hard balancing “special” for me with food that my kids will actually eat :blush: …especially since I’d love to eat somewhere that has a really neat atmosphere…

If we can’t figure something else out, I guess we can go to Rainforest Café again as I love their coconut shrimp, but I was hoping to try somewhere different that was actually a Disney Restaurant.


I was gonna suggest Hoop Dee Doo too. It’s so much fun. A great festive atmosphere for celebrating a special occasion.


We really like Narcoosse’s at the GF, if you can get a waterview the view is wonderful, however, it is mainly seafood, so your kids may not go for it. What about
o’hana- always a fun atmosphere!


Oooh ooooh oooohh pick me pick me! sistersistersister …
Go to the California Grill - and - wait wait -

Schedule dinner to coincide with the fireworks!


Though your children supplied you with “looks of horror” you would be hard pressed to find a restaurant that won’t try to accomodate your kids. Call Disney Reservations and ask about catering to your kids needs. All else fails hail our “Princess Tessa” she works there now.


Has anyone ever tried Boma’s at the Animal Kingdom Lodge? Would it be a good choice? I think everyone might be able to find something they’d like there (I looked at a sample list of the types of foods offered), plus it’s all you can eat, which is always nice. Does it have a nice atmosphere? Anyone know?

edit: I just saw on another thread…several people suggest Boma as “the one buffet” to do if you want a buffet. I think we’ll give it a try. The food choices look incredible there, and there ought to be something for everyone. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! :flowers:


We love Boma! That’s the first place I thought of when you said good food and a fun atmosphere. There’s something to please everyone, and the desserts are the best! There’s salads, chicken, ribs, and tons of other great dishes that you might not find anywhere else. Just save room for dessert. They have the best dessert buffet anywhere. :happy: The atmosphere is fun and before or after dinner you can explore the lodge and see the animals on the savanna. I’m sure your family would like it a lot too. We have kids around the same age in our family and Boma is our favorite restaurant at WDW. Just a word of caution - You will feel about five pounds heavier after dinner here. It’s so good, you can’t get enough.


It’s great to see you back posting again!!

If you can do Boma on a Saturday or Wed night, they have the best all you can eat ribs in the world!


Thank you! That clinches it … We’ll definitely do Boma, maybe Saturday night.

:mickey: I’m really looking forward to it, and thanks again for all the advice!


I have a question that relates to the restaurant question. We will be in WDW for my BDay as well, and while we don’t necessarily want to do anything special for dinner this year (last year my BF had a special cake ordered for me at Narcoosee’s), I was wondering if it would still make sense to let them know on my resort reservation that it will be during my bday? I know that they probobably don’t do anything complimentary, but maybe more likely to get an upgrade? Or are restaurants the only places it matters that it’s your bday (other than the parks if you have the bday badge)? Thanks for any help and sorry if I didn’t articulate my question well. Haven’t had coffee yet today!! :tongue:


p.s. ohana might be a good choice for bday dinner with kids too. (if boma won’t work out for some reason)


Chef Mickey’s is Awesome.


We just got back from our trip to WDW which happened to be over my b-day. Definitely get a birthday button from the parks that you go to. It was so much fun to be wished happy birthday all day long. We ate lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern at MK and I got a cupcake and a card signed by the characters. I told our resort that it was my b-day when we were checking-in but I didn’t recieve anything. I did get a call from Goofy though at the WL Mercantile (kind of a random place but the cast member was so nice, and when I told him it was my b-day he got a phone from under the register and I got to listen to Goofy sing me happy birthday).