Birthday Dinner Tomorrow Help!


Tomorrow I will be 28 and Pete is taking me to dinner at WDW. We want to try somewhere we haven’t been before (and don’t want to spend a fortune) but we have been pretty much everywhere. We were thinking about Le Cellier, Yachtsman Steakhouse, and Artist Point, but they are all pretty pricey. Help!!!


Any of those would be a great choice! And it’s your birthday, splurge! Don’t forget to mention it’s your birthday, for some extra special attention.


How about 'Ohana’s, they have an awesome grille. From you choices it sounds like your looking for a steak house of some sort. 'Ohana’s is fun and has a great drink selection.

Happy Birthday!!!

EmpressJenny for President



'Ohana is always fun for birthdays! I concur! If I were in WDW for my birthday, that’s where I would go… .


I would go to any of those that you have already had suggested! It is your birthday so splurge!


I’ve done O’Hana already, so I’d like to try something new. I’m kind of leaning towards Brown Derby, but we’ve already done that too. Decisions, decisions…:wacko:


We have ate at Yachtsman and LeCellier, both were wonderful. Splurge - it’s your birthday! And if you go to LcCellier be sure to have the cheese soup and the pretzel breadsticks! YUM!


Why not go ahead and do Le Cellier?? It’s supposed to be the best WS restaurant!! If you haven’t tried it, it sounds like you can’t lose with that one :c)

Happy Birthday!


What about Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemp? It’s not as fancy (ie. pricey) as California grille or Yachtsman’s or Artist’s point, but it is supposed to be great food and a nice atmosphere. I haven’t been there myself yet, but I’ve heard good things, especially for the price you pay. Also, what about somewhere at dtd? Fulton’s is awesome, and portobello yacht club is great too. Don’t recall the prices really, but the food was good-probably would be a great time celebrating a birthday…btw Happy Bday! I’ll be spending mine at WDW too, we’ll be having dinner at Flying Fish Cafe. (not until Oct. though)


Thanks for the birthday wishes :mickey:
I have eaten at Concourse Steakhouse and it was very good. (I know, I know, I go to WDW waaaaaaaaaaay too much and have eaten at way too many places!!!)


How about Flying Fish Cafe? We were there last summer and had a wonderful dinner.


Will you be able to get in at LeCellier? It’s pretty hard to get a ADR on such short notice there. But if you do, you won’t be disappointed. What about Chefs de France. Beautiful atmosphere and the food is good.


I would prob go to Artist Point. I have never eaten there myself to be truthful with you EJ but I have spoken to people who really have had a great evening there. It is def somewhere that DH and I would go if we wanted somewhere special to eat.
You just make sure you have a fab time wherever you go. Hapy Birthday EJ! ( Only 2 more years to the big 30!!! :laugh: :laugh: )


Happy Early Birthday! Hope you’re able to get a table.
Ha! I made a rhyme. I’m a poet and didn’t know it!!!:biggrin: :laugh: :whistling


we are doing whoop de do for my birthday and the last time we did Fultons for our anniversary but that was pricey and a little of a disappointment


I would say Le Cellier if it were me. The steak just melts in your mouth - YUM, YUM, YUM!!! Nice atmosphere, too (request a quiet corner so you’re not out in the middle of everything). Wherever you end up going, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


When I was at LeCellier recently I was told by a very reliable source (Tessa!) that they were booked up through August.:blink:
You can always hope for a cancellation tho.


Happy Birthday Jenny!:flowers:

Where ever you pick you will be at WDW so you will have fun!


I don’t know if this would be too late,but what about Jiko in the AKL? That’s where I’m going for my birthday,although I plan to tell all the restaurants(actually I’m getting my mother to do it!!) I eat at on my birthday trip that it’s my birthday(especially Alfredo’s so all the hunky Italian waiters will come over & sing Happy birthday to me!!).


Have you tried Raglan Rd yet?