Birthday Fastpass


I know there have been some questions on here as to how the birthday fastpasses work. I found this in the March 17 AllEarsNet newsletter and figured I would share:

Pearl Weiss comments: Just returned from celebrating my 63rd Birthday in the
Magic Kingdom. Chose the Birthday Fastpass option. It was the greatest. Present
your confirmation at the will call window and you get your birthday button (you
don’t have to stop at Town Hall) and special plastic (like a credit card) passes
for each member of your party. These are used in the Fastpass machines instead
of your entry card. In the Magic Kingdom, you may pick four from the following:
Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Peter Pan, and
Winnie the Pooh; and four of these: Jungle Cruise, Mickey’s PhilharMagic,
Stitch’s Great Escape and Buzz Lightyear. When you pick up the Fastpass you may
use it immediately or anytime during that day. Even if Fastpasses are no longer
available for a particular ride, you can still use your birthday pass to get one
late in the day. Each ride kept one Fastpass machine open all day just for
birthday passes. It worked like a dream, we
went on everything without having to zig-zag all over the park to get to popular
rides first. Best birthday ever.


I thought about sharing that too . . . it really explains the birthday FP, it has some great perks . . . better then $75? Not sure? :blush:


Yeah… I think I’d stick with the gift card.


When we went in Feb. we would have been able to get 8 FP’s per person because the parks were slower. We chose the gift card though.


I saw that article. I wonder can you get the birthday fast pass and STILL use your own ticket to get more FPs??


I would assume so. You aren’t getting your birthday FPs using your park ticket, so you should be able to get regular FPs using the park ticket.