Birthday gift card?


We are taking our granddaughters in October, one of whose birthday is the first day we are there. We have parkhopper tickets already and were told that she could get some sort of gift card to be used on her birthday. Has anyone done this? Also I couldn’t get the registration page to work on When I called in, they said it is not necessary to have it, just have ID verifying birthday. Is that true? Also where at the entrance to the MK do you go to get the card? :confused:


Any Will Call window can help you! Are you sure they said you didn’t have to register? I would try again, better to be safe then sorry.

I did it for my DD back in January, we are passholders. She received a gift card equal to a one day/one park ticket (it was around $68) The gift card is different then the park ticket, it expires 1 year from the date of issue (verify this when you receive it) and it can be used in any of the gift shops on property.

My DD had a BLAST shopping for everyone! Enjoy your trip! :heart:


Thanks for the info. I couldn’t get the registration to work with internet explorer, so I downloaded firefox and it worked ok. I have the same problem with the itenerary setup online.


I usually prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer, but sometimes, Firefox doesn’t work.
Firefox is felt to be the better browser, but it’s good to have a backup, just in case.