Birthday help


Ok here is the problem. My DD birthday is Dec 29th and we are trying to salvage a one week instead of two week trip to the world. budget problems. We are staying is we go at our Westgate timeshare already booked and paid for. Now here is a big question the day of her birthday I was wanting to be at MK when the gates open but that day they have extra majic hours in the morning. So if you are staying off site like we are is there any chance in the world of being in line and getting choosen as the first family for the day? as it is my daughters birthday that day.

I am also to make up for it planning on a Oct. trip for halloween in the fall so I am wrestling around with buying AP for us or at least one for me and my oldest daughter since I can buy and use it before here birthday and she is turning 10 so I can than upgrade it to an adult for the rest of the year it save around 100dollars for her tickets between the two trips on hers alone. along with getting several perks of an AP passholder. Any help on these matters is very welcome and needed.


I wonder can you book an early breakfast at CP to get in early? No idea what happens if they pick you and you are not staying onsite? Sounds lovely, have a great time.


This is probably a terrible thing for me to say, but I honestly don’t think that they ID for morning EMH. I have never been ID’d.

And it’s not even that my room key is my park key - we have the 10-day no expirations that we use. For morning EMH, they don’t card you for every ride because they assume that the only way you’re getting in is if you are a resort guest. Perhaps only buses run from the resorts and none from the parking lot? I’m not sure. I just can’t remember every being ID’d to get into the park early.

So you might get there an hour or so before AM EMH in hopes of being chosen as the first family. And perhaps you could have a morning ADR at CP or CRT, that way you’re assured entrance into the park.


I really like the idea of an early breakfast reservation at the Crystal Palace. You will definitely get in early and have a special start to the day.
If that doesn’t work, maybe just try showing up! If someone stops you, you might be able to tell them about the bday and get a pass.
Let us know what happens!


ok tried the early adr and a 910 am at crystal palace is the earliest anywhere at MK. that would not be early enough for my plan. any more suggestions?


That’s really odd. Do you know what time the park opens for EMH?


yeap believe it or not I think it was all week early extra majic hours star at 8 a.m.
oh well not sure but I guess I can try to keep calling. we may just try to show up at about 7 am an see what happens.


Do they have a first family for AK in the mornings like at MK? My DD said she wants to do AK on her birthday now instead of MK.


I know we had to show our room key for eary EMH when we went in August. I don’t remember them picking a family at AK that morning and we were there at rope drop. The same for Epcot.


I only know of the first family at MK and Epcot.