Birthday ideas and tips


The Goof Father’s family will be down in Disneyland after school gets out in June. Besides some obvious Father’s Day fun for me, we will also have a chance to celebrate my son’s birthday at DL! We will be staying at the The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian for our first DVC experience (should be cool!)…

What are some tips and ideas for celebrating a 12 year old boy’s birthday down at DL???

Does Disney have some nice options available for us to tap into or are we best off to just rely on our abilities to make the birthday awesome in DL???

Anyone have any experiences they want to share???

THANK YOU!!! :wink:

By the way, he loves the whole Disney experience, so he will not be put off by the characters and such… :happy:

That’s him in my avatar (about 5 years younger)…


Don’t have any advice, but it is good to see you here. My step-d is moving your way in August to attend seminary at George Fox. It is very exciting, but a bit of a challege to secure and job and housing from long distance.

I hope your son’s bday is great!


It is always great to be on MB! :biggrin: Just wish I wasn’t so busy these days!

Now I just need to figure out some cool birthday ideas to knock the little dude’s socks off!

So any help is still welcome! :happy:


I’m going for my birthday in December and I’ve already done EXTENSIVE research on this. Hahaha. I plan on doing the “My Disneyland Birthday Party” when I go. I saw it being done when I was at DL in April and it looked REALLY cool! I talked to one of the Disney cast members about it and she said people of ALL ages do it for their birthdays. A matter of fact, she said her dad just did it for his 50th birthday.

Here are some links I found about celebrating a birthday at Disneyland:
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Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Right on… Checking out the links in your sig line! Thanks… :wink: