Birthday pins


Hi all. These birthday pins you can pick up at the parks…are they different in each park? Does Epcot have a different pin to that say of MK and AK etc? Or are the the same pin? If they do differ,where has the best pin for a 3 year old girl ( who will be turning 4 when we are on vacation next year).
Any advice would be great as I have no idea what do do for this and want to make my DD’s special day even better for her!


Hi there! Each park (except one) does have its own pin. They are all pretty similar, but they have the name of the location on them. They are also available at DTD and most resorts. There is one park that doesnt do them, its either MGM or EPCOT, but I honestly cant remember which one it is. Basically, collect the pins of wherever you go that day! Pins are usually available at guest services! I hope you have a happy celebration!


MGM and MK have the same pin. We collected all of them in May and they are all great. I think we liked the Epcot pin the best, it was just sooo…Epcot. Collect all of them even if you aren’t in each park on her actual birthday.


Are the pins at the resorts different?


We just returned from our twins’ 3rd-birthday trip and got the pins at all the parks.

Each park had a different pin.

Epcot: styled like a “luggage tag” with country stamps;

AK: a tree-of-life sillouette;

MKG: a castle sillouette;

MGM: a sillouette of each parks’ icons;

each pin has “today is my birthday” across the top.

The pins were definitely noticed by all the castmembers.


They sound fantastic! Are they collected at certain places in each park? If so, where do find out where you need to go? thanks again


This is new! Not long ago, MGM and MK had the same pin! Guess it’s another reason to go back to WDW!!!

And BTW, you ge tthe pins at Guest Services as you enter the parks (in Town Hall at MK)


Thanks MissD! x


Ariel, if you have table-service reservations, make sure to tell the castmember at check-in that it’s a birthday. They may bring a complimentary birthday cupcake, etc. And if it’s a character meal, you’ll definitely get special attention.


Yeap each is different…
Don’t forget to get one in Downtown Disney


Most definitely! I had a delicious cupcake given to me on my birthday last year and I have say it was the BEST cupcake I have ever tasted! Great reminder! Thanks