Birthday Promo Question?


So now that the cost of a one day adult ticket has gone up, does this mean the amount of the “What will you celebrate” gift card has gone up as well? :happy:

Hmmmmm and how do we find out?


Hmm, good question. My guess is the only way to find out is when you actually go to the ticket gate and ask in person. BUT logic would state that if the ticket price is X amount, thats what the gift card should be.


If you choose the 1 day park ticket for later use as your free birthday promotion, does it have an expiration date? Could it be used by someone other than the recipient?


I think the one day park ticket has to be used that day and must be used by you.


Good question Jen!


The terms are : a one day, one park pass or a gift card of equal value.
If the ticket price goes up, then so does the value of the gift card. That seems pretty explicit.
It’s a shame my birthday already passed as did DW’s, so we got cards worth the pre increase value. In real terms, we’re talking about $4, so my heart isn’t really broken. Would have been nice, but what can you do.

I’m pretty sure that the ticket has to be used on your birthday and I know it has to be used by you. Although I’m not sure how they enforce that part, unless you’re asked at the turnstile to provide ID.


This is from the Walt Disney World site:

Q: I can’t come on my birthday. Can I get free admission to a theme park on another day?

A: Unfortunately, no. The free admission to a Theme Park on your birthday offer is only valid for free admission on your birthday in 2009.

Q: When can I pickup my birthday ticket?

A: Guests can pick up their free birthday ticket for admission to one of the four Walt Disney World® theme parks on their actual date of birth. Please use other purchased ticket media to enter the Parks if you plan to begin your vacation prior to your birthday.

Q: Can I upgrade my free birthday ticket to another ticket type?

A: Yes, the free birthday ticket may be upgraded to another ticket type on your birthday. However the celebrant is responsible for the incremental cost and the new ticket may only be used by the celebrant. The 1-day Magic Your Way ticket good for 12 months (an option for certain passholders and multi-day ticket holders) may not be upgraded.

Q: I purchased* a valid Passholder Pass or a Multi-Day Ticket that I will use for admission on my birthday in 2009. Is there anything else I could receive on my birthday?

A: Yes, you have several options which are available for you to select once you arrive at the Park with your confirmation message, your proper valid ID, and your Passholder Pass or Multi-Day Ticket that you will use for admission on your birthday. You can choose one of the following:

* Disney's Special Birthday FASTPASS® Cards+. Save time waiting in line and get immediate entrance to the FASTPASS® return lines of 6 select FASTPASS® attractions at the theme park you visit that day. No need to return later in the day to ride. Plus, when you select this option, you can also receive cards for up to 5 additional members of your party+.
*[B] A birthday fun card in an amount equal to the price of a 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket* for you to use for certain purchases including select merchandise, recreation or tour experiences, or for Disney's PhotoPass® on-site services at participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort;[/B] or
* A 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket for you to use any time until your next birthday. 

+Participating attractions are subject to change. Valid theme park admission required. The number of Special Birthday FASTPASS® Cards is limited and may not be available after 11 a.m. All Guests in your party must be present to receive the Special Birthday FASTPASS® Cards.

*Ticket price at gate, excluding tax. Adults receive card in the amount of an adult ticket; children (ages 3-9) receive card in the amount of a child ticket. For terms and conditions of the card and details on participating locations


Thanks for that info. I didn’t realize we could get a tic for another park day. DD 11 & my b’day are only a few days apart. Had I known we could’ve went earlier this year and had 2 free days for our trip this fall.
Well Poo, that stinks


Just wondering now if your name is on the free birthday ticket? Anyone know?


My birthday is on AUG. 22 and I will be at MK. I will ask many questions about all of the different opt just to get the info to post back on here.

I already have my tickets so I’m going to take the gift card and get myself a birthday gift.


Does anyone know when this celebration ends?


I received my birthday fun card in July. It’s a gift card showing Pluto in a present and says Walt DisneyWorld Birthday Fun Card. They give you a paper with it that says…


Your Birthday Fun Card is a special way for you to shop for select merchandise, celebrate by experiencing tours and recreational activities or remember your special day with Disney’s PhotoPass pictures.

Some suggested shopping locations are:
The Emporium at MK
Mouse Gear at Epcot
Mickey’s of Hollywood at DHS
Island Mercantile at AK

Your Birthday Fun Card is activated for the amount equal to a 1-Day Magic Your Way Base ticket. Adults receive a card in the amount of an adult ticket; children (ages 3-9) receive a card in the amount of a child ticket.

While celebrating your special day, please protect and treat your Birthday Fun Card as you would cash.

Please check with individual locations for program particiation before redemption.

Your Birthday Fun Card is not valid for food and beverage pruchases, Disney Gift Cards, Disney Dollars, alcohol, cigarettes, Resort folio charges, spa services or products, or personal services. The Birthday Fun Card is not reloadable and will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. No portion of the Birthday Fun Card balances will be redeemed for cash.

Terms and conditions (on back) I’ll abbreviate…

  1. Good only at participating locations owned by Disney. Cannont be used towards the above and Disney Cruise line. Personal services include face painting, caricature drawings, hair braiding and wrapping.

  2. Will not be accepted at the following: China, Japan, & Morocco pavilions, Arribas Bros, Basin, cirque du Soleil, Curl, Ghiradelli, House of Blues, Hoypoloi, Lego, Magic Masters, Magnetron, Nikki Byran Spas, Harley Davidson, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Richard Petty, Rubio Balloon Arts, SD Watersports, Sosa Cigar, Starabillias, Sunglass Icon, Surrey Bike Rental, Wyland Galleries.

  3. No portion redeemed for cash

  4. Terms may vary depending on location

  5. Will not be replaced if lost or stolen

  6. Cannot be resold

  7. Cannot be used to purchase Disney Dollars or Gift Cards

etc, etc.

I did ask and you do not have to use on your birthday and actually I didn’t. I did use it at World of Disney and because I also purchased a gift card they had to be 2 separate transactions.

Happy Birthday!


I got the fun card for my DD back in January. Yes, it had her name on it. I assume the park ticket will too . . . our annual passes have our names on them.


The Birthday Fun Card I received in July did not have my name on it. It was just like a gift card only it said Birthday Fun Card.


You are right! I just dug DDs out . . . no name, just birthday fun card. I BELIEVE it was good for a year from issue too (right?) altho hers didn’t last the weekend! :laugh:

The one day ticket is only good on your birthday, unless you upgrade it and get no expiration.

Hopefully whoever gets their card next will let us know what the amount was/is?


I just noticed that my birthday gift card is still in my wallet almost 2 months later, and there isn’t much more than $3 left.