Birthday suprise?


My twin cousins will be celebrating their 28th birthdays during our trip. We are going to HDD that evening. Does anyone have any suggestions for a suprise. I thought of having a cake special ordered at HDD, but was wondering if I could get a cake delivered to our cabin at FW? And does anyone know anything about cost or have any other suggestions?


I do not know of costs for delivery but we had a birthday cake brought out at LT for my DD and it was only $12. That was for a standard round one with a Mickey on it. You can go bigger and more elaborate from there. I was happy with the cake and since we were going to be walking around the park did not want to take it back… We had plenty and shared with tables around us. There is a bakery line you can call to get details on the cakes.


Everytime we ventured around disney we saw their special occasions van loaded up with balloons and one morning we walked out to see a lovely CM knocking on the room next door with a huge collection of birthday balloons, it looked so sweet! Havnt got the number but Im sure someone will have, could be an idea!

#4 will give you all sorts of flower/balloon options. I’ve used them in the past and had items delivered to the room so they were waiting for us upon our return. I have another post here somewhere giving more information about our specific trip if you want to search for my posts, you will find it. As far as cakes go, I had one delivered at Chef Mickey’s. It’s been 3 years so I don’t recall specifics but I believe you call the restaurant directly and they handle it for you. As far as having a cake delivered to the room, I’m certain if you contact the hotel you will be staying at, they can point you in the magical direction!


I got a cake last August for my mom (or at least a chocolate slipper at 1900 Park Fare). You have to call the ‘cake hotline’ to order. But I think you can just tell the person at the podium it’s someone’s b-day and you’ll can order the mini cake right there. (The phone line is for bigger cakes and special ones).

I’ll also second the Disney Florist. I used them to get my mom balloons and then my sister did that as well. Both times they were great to work with.


Thanks everyone…I talked to someone at The Contemporary, since we are staying at FW Cabins she said the easiest and I am assuming most cost efficient would be to pick the cake up there, so I think that is what I will do!