I know if you go to the parks on your birthday, you get in free.:heart: What do you get if you already have tickets to the park?:happy::mellow:


I will be attending WDW in July and I have the 4+3 package…my daughter will be turning 7 during that week and by giving her a free day at a park we would have only saved $5 so the CS rep told me that instead she would receive a $75 dollar gift card.


You can choose from a $75 gift card or a special birthday fastpass.

Here’s more information on the birthday fastpass -

It’s similar to the FPs used for reporters or travel documenters that visit Disney parks.


Wow thats amazing! really very good indeed! My DH always has a birthday at WDW and we have AP’s so that would be such a bonus! Although saying that, he has always been really happy with his birthday button, free desserts, and everyone wishing him a Happy birthday! Plus he was once serenaded by the Main Street Barber shop quartet!


We’re taking advantage of the alternate prize this summer too. Since we will already have multi-day passes, getting one less day is not a big savings.


If I were going, I’d definitely take the gift card. IMHO, it’s the best deal.