Birthdays at the Resorts


With the new celebration next year, “What will you celebrate?” - we are planning a trip for my daughters 10th birthday. I am wondering where I can get a birthday cake for a little birthday celebration at our room? We are planning to be at one of the parks that day - but thought we would try to do birthday cake when we got back to the room later that afternoon or earling evening. Any suggestions would be awesome!

Please and thank you! :mickey:


Call 407-wdw-cake.


Thanks for the feedback - I will give them a call. :laugh:


You can always check at the front desk as well sometimes they can set that up for you


With the new “celebration” promotion, there is a lot going on for birthdays!

I know you can contact the WDW florist, and they will come and decorate the room for you so when you return, PARTY TIME! :laugh: