Birthday's in the Park


In reading a trip report someone mentioned “celebrating” DS birthday. My question is 3 of our group will have a birthday 10 and 12 days after we leave the park, can we “celebrate” them on one day when we are there or does Disney ask for proof? The 3 who have February birthdays are old enough to drive, and have been for decades?

Also do they have Anniversary pins. From reading other posts, you may know this is the Golden celebration for our parents and 50 years of marriage should deserve a special something. For those that ask we are registered as a magical group noting the 50th anniversary - just trying to ensure we receive all the magic!

thanks for sharing your experiences.


They have never ask me for proof and I celebrate my DGD birthday every year… we also celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year at the parks we stayed on Property and they brought us a card and ballons for this… so ask all they can say is NO, right…LOL…


I really don’t think Disney would ask for proof… they have never asked for it on any trip when anyone in my family had a birthday, or birthdays. I went with my friend one year and we both had birthday pins on, and it’s pretty obvious we’re not twins. All the CM’s just gave us both big happy birthdays! Oh and by the way, her birthday was a month before we went and mine was a month after. We were both big Disney fanatics and we just wanted to celebrate together. :slight_smile: