I read on one of the posts about wearing a birthday button around the parks. We are going in October. My daughter and granddaughter will both have their birthdays on our trip, 3 days apart. Does Disney have special birthday buttons?


They do!! If it is your birthdays or close too I think go to City Hall at MK and they will give you a birthday button. I think you go to guest relations at the other parks to get button from them. I believe each park has their own button. While you are wearing one, cm’s will wish you a happy birthday, and you never know what kind of disney magic might happen.


Yup all the parks have different Disney Birthday pins!


And they really do treat you nice! :happy:


…and it’s free. Yup, free, don’t cost nuthin.

Picture it, something from WDW that doesn’t end up on a print out hanging on your door knob on check out day.



I got one at the MK and one at MGM and they were the same button. A CM at EPCOT told me they had a different one as we were leaving but I couldn’t get one then. Everyone was so nice. :smile:


Ya know I mentioned this to my friend while we were at DL.
She said they check ID.
I didn’t think they do but we didn’t persue the button because of it :crying:
But yeah I’d go with a birthday button and a nametag you can buy there.
That’ll get you special treatment up the whahoo. :smile:


The button from Epcot is really nice, it say’s happy birthday in at the different languges! (sp)


You should check out Disney Teacher’s trip report. SHe went for her son’s birthday and picked up a pin in each park.


When we went two years ago it was my sister’s birthday and we went to Epcot and they didn’t check id!


what would be the best place to eat dinner at for birthdays. it is my daughters 16th bday and im not surre


We have birthday pins down at Pleasure Island too! Don’t forget about us!


thank you, we never been to the parks befor, i will have to try that place thank you.


I got one and it wasn’t even my birthday (long story)! I guess I didn’t have to wear it :laugh:

The info above is correct. Go to town hall info desk at the MK and ask nicely :mickey: All day long you will get treated nicely and harranged on Jungle Cruise.


We took our son to Hoop Dee Doo for his 8th birthday last month and it was great. The food is good and the show is a blast. Chef Mickey’s is also a great place for a birthday.


Also If You Go To Mgm You Can Get A “honored Guest” Name Badge. People Think You Work There…and The Staff All Calls You By Name…great For The Kids.