Bizarre Dream


I had a disturbing dream last night that we were at WDW, and they were about to demolish the MK in order to build a “new and improved” version. We were headed to the top of the Comtemporary, so we could watch them implode the castle. The new park wouldn’t open until 2010. Can you imagine demolishing the MK???

So, if the MK was under renovation, would you still go to WDW to see the other parks, or would you wait the four years until the MK was finished?


Hmmm, tough question. I would say yes, the other parks are nice to!


I think I would cry for a week at least if they blew up the castle. But I think I would still go, and then go back once they finished.


Yes, I would, and I would talk the ENTIRE time about how the MK just SHOULDN’T be renovated!

What a funny dream!


I’d wait. All our visits start at the MK. The castle ‘is’ Disney to us.


That wasn’t a dream…that was a nightmare!!!


That’s not a dream - that’s a nightmare!!!

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I would go. Heck, I’d go even if I couldn’t go to any of the parks, because there are still the resorts and restaurants and theming there. :wub:



Me too! I’ve often said that I would like to take a WDW trip someday where we DON’T visit the parks at all…just enjoy several resorts, lots of resort dining, and all the fun extra-curricular things that Disney has to offer! :heart: I think that could make for a wonderful trip!

WDW would definitely not be the same without the MK…:eek: what an awful nightmare!!..but I would still go. Definitely.


I would still go to Disney and visit the other parks! You can’t keep me away! :tongue:


I’m taking my friend next week. We’re not goin’ into any parks because she doesn’t have passes, but I want her to see there is more to WDW than just the parks.


I would still go but that was a nightmare.


Brrrrrrr…I would have to wait until the new MK was built and ready to go, but brrrrrr darrrrlinkk, please let this just be a nightmare and nothing else.


What a nightmare. I would still go because I enjoy the other parks too, but MK will always be my favorite park.


Nightmare is right! Aren’t dreams interesting? It never fails to amaze me what your mind comes up with while you are sleeping! We should start a dreams thread!


What kind of sick, dimented person has a dream like that? :eek:

Just joking… :wink:

You know what? I don’t know if I’d go without MK. I might actually wait. That just might be enough of an excuse for me to spring for a trip to DL…


I :wub: Disneyland!


I’m sure I would too…but I’ve only ever been to Cali once, and that was for a TDY (military business trip) back in 2003… I was a 8 hour drive from DL and didn’t have enough free time to go… I’ll get there someday though…


Hey DisneyHog, I was in CA. on military business too! Back in 1983, I was at LAX for 3 hours waiting for a flight to Alaska, then on to Okinawa!

One of these days, I’m gonna get to Disneyland! :happy: