Blake Lively was once in "Disney jail;" banned from Disneyland


I just saw this little tidbit about Blake Lively, she’s from “Gossip Girl” and the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” I didn’t even know who she was until I looked her up but I just thought it was an interesting little story. You have to wonder how many other local kids used to try this “trick?” :laugh::pirate:

Taken from Perez Hilton:

It seems we have a felon of the Magic Kingdom on our hands!

And the Mouse House doesn’t take too kindly to these sorts of things!!!

Blake Lively has been playing the good girl gone bad card from a very young age!

“I grew up going to Disneyland twice a week,” said Blake. “But I was banned for a year because I went to Disney prison. I was really young so I wasn’t responsible for this — it was all my brother’s fault."

Claiming innocence?! Typical!

“You get a stamp when you leave the park which if you put hairspray on it you can transfer it to someone else’s hand, so in the parking lot he went up to somebody and said, ‘Hey can we spray hairspray on your hand?’ and we transferred it," she claims. "And then we go in through the turnstile and there’s people there called Fox Fighters or some weird name, They take us aside and I’m like six-years-old and my brother says ‘No matter what they say do not confess’. He was like a professional felon at twelve!”

Between Gossip Girl and this fiasco, we’re sure her parents are very proud!


lol…My old old old boss of the retail store I worked at in HS grew up in Anaheim and would tell me about how they “snuck into” Disneyland all the time. I guess it used to be much easier to do!

I :heart: Gossip Girl.