Blizzard Beach and water shoes


[B]I have tried to find this answer but I just do not see it so I figured I would just ask. I always have trouble with walking barefoot through a water park all day. The concrete is either hot or just completely irritating to the bottom of my feet. I recently went to a water park in my area and you were not allowed to wear water shoes on anything. Are you able to wear them on the slides at Blizzard Beach?

I have been there twice but I cannot remember. I know you can wear them around but I guess my question is can you wear them on the attractions. I know you probably cannot on Summit Plummet for safety reasons but what about the other stuff. I feel like there is no point in packing them if I cannot wear them.[/B]


Unless the rules have changed at BB in the last year you are allowed to wear water shoes. My husband and son always wear water shoes but I brave the hot pavement for fashion.


Very true on the fashionable part. Definitely not the best look. But I must have wimpy feet and they will bother me for days…and we all know I cannot risk not being able to walk comfortably around the happiest place on earth!!


I don’t blame you, my DH is the same way. For some reason I can take the heat on pavement. I drive my DH nuts because I’m always doing stuff in the oven that would burn his tender fingers. I must have tough skin.


I wear my flip flops, the only time they made me take them off was on the “ski lift” up the mountain.

I do notice they wet the pavement down by all the food stands. That pavement does get HOT! HOT! HOT! :mickey:


I wear my Teva’s when it gets too hot and I am one of “those” that have very tender feet too.


It’s been a couple years since we’ve been to BB, but we have always worn our water shoes and we only had to remove them when DH did Summit Plummit.
I’m always afraid of what you can pick-up walking around where thousands of other feet have walked. :noo:


I too brave the pavement mostly because i dont want to get water sock or flip flop tan:laugh:
recently we spent the day at a local waterpark & we would just wear our flip flops to each ride & ‘park em’ in the cubbies provided.
i agree, you can wear them on all except the one ride


I hear ya. My husband and son both have what I lovingly call golf foot, not something I want to catch!


I’ll bet it’s better than boot foot after 20 years in the military. :nuke::nuke:
DW gives me **** continually.


I don’t think we’ve ever been asked to take them off on a ride at either water parks but I remember at Wet n Wild I was constantly asked to remove them, once I was even told to send them down first! I can only imagine the faces at the bottom when they seen a pair of shoes but no body following close behind!


I know my DD always wore hers at the water parks a few years back, but I am not sure about now?


The only danger with shoes or flips on a water slid is they can stop your motion. Could you imagine someone’s water shoes hitting the slide surface and them tumbling out of control on a curve or the big drop. Not pretty.