Blizzard Beach OR Typhoon Lagoon


Since everyone coming back in the past few weeks keeps talking about the heat the Dave and I were thinking of doing a waterpark this trip…we’ve never done one before and never really thought about it honestly…so which one is your favorite and why??


They are both great but we always go to BB. We love the slides and the theme.


Well us being from the north we have enough of the Blizzard theme so we prefer TL. Both have fun things to do though.


We’ve never been to the waterparks, either. However, I agree with Heather, I LEAVE snow to go to Florida in January. Since BB is usually the only waterpark open on our trips, we skip it because of the theming!


I like Blizzard Beach (though you can’t go wrong with either!)


bella, since you are form S. CArolina, you may like BB best… for us, being from the Northeast, we prefer to get as far away from snow as possible… even if it IS fake snow! LOL


I just went to TL, and I have been to BB in the past. I can’t say which I like better. I think I like the atmosphere of TL better, and it is bigger. By bigger, I mean more spread out, more lounging room, etc. BB has a better family raft ride, but TL does have Crush n Gusher, and that is really cool. It also has the shark reef if you’re into that.
You will be happy with either! Boy, I’m a big help, aren’t I?


I like TL better- because you get to swim with sharks!


We just got back yesterday. We had done TL for the Hannah Montana concert in June and then the kids did BB this week. The kids’ concensus was that they liked TL much better. More shade, more relaxing feel. They loved the wave pool and lazy river there much better, and the slides were almost equal for them.


i personally like typhoon lagoon…


For relaxing, TL. If you want to do a lot of slides and ride type stuff go to BB…or just do both - it’s your Honeymoon…oh, maybe you won’t have time to do both.:wink: :whistling :angel:


Thats a tough one Bella because they both offer great features just a little different. I would have to say I liked TL just a hair better than BB. The huge wave pool, Crush and Gusher and shark reef edged BB out. However, BB has that gigantic slide Mt. Gushmore, total rush! But overall BB seems to have more kids because of the kids section Tikes Peak. So for your honeymoon I recommend TL.


We are doing a water park for the first time this trip too. My DD and the gang chose TL cause of the shark swimming thingy…whatever. I’ll be shopping while DBf takes them…lol


BB has one big asset, the ski lift up to the top. If you are there for an entire day, the stairs start to get to be too much.



I love the theming, it’s so tropical and the lazy river and the wave pool!

I can’t see myself going to a water park that looks like snow!
it’s always closed when i go too, but that’s ok I have no desire to try it out yet… Been there 2 years in a row…

Bella- they have the shark reef there (if you dont mind the cold water) and they have Crush N Gusher now!!! Remember to lift your butt over the black part!!!


TL has a good number of kids too!
My dd loves it!! Ketchakiddee creek! :laugh:
They have a separate kids area…


They are both great- Shark Reef is cool at TL, and I like the wave pool there. But BB does have a lift system, which is a plus… I’m no help either. Sorry.


I see nothing amusing or entertaining about snow, fake or otherwise.:glare:

We LOVE TL and made our first visit there this month after 3 years. Crush 'n Gusher is so much fun and the wave pool can’t be beat.


Hands down, its TL for me. BB only really appealed to me when I was younger and now that I am older. The big wave pool and the Crush N Gusher is much more entertaining.


Well, Disney made the decision for me, at least. BB will be down for rehab when I’m there, so I’m “stuck” with TL. I kinda think I would have preferred BB, though. Something about swimming in the middle of “snow” appeals to me!:laugh: