Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon


On our next trip I want to go to a water park. We have been to Typhoon Lagoon before and would love to see Blizzard Beach.
My husband wants to do the shark reef. I would like to do some family slides were we can all go together.

Which water park is your favorite and why?


My daughter LOVED typhoon lagoon. She like the wave pool, slides and the shark reef. I have no opinion. I don’t do water parks and my DBF took the kids for me…lol


Typhoon Lagoon is my favorite. I LOVE the shark reef, the wave pool, the tropical feel of the park. It doesn’t feel like a water park to me at all. My teenagers prefer Blizzard Beach. They love Summit Plummet and Downhill Double Dipper. I also think that BB has more for the 5 to 12 year old age range. Teamboat Springs is also way better than Gangplank Falls at TL.

Both parks are fun and wonderfully themed. It just depends on what you are looking for. If it a nice relaxed day away from the 4 major parks I would pick Typhoon. If you looking for thrills, try Blizzard Beach.


When this question is posed to my family their vote is always Typhoon Lagoon, it’s our families favorite WDW waterpark. Shark Reef is so cool, we take at least 2 sometimes 3 trips across. The water slides are great as well as the wave pool…and let’s not forget the lazy river, I could float there all day. The tropical theme is fantastic; we just LOVE IT!!


Definitely Typhoon Lagoon! Great lazy river, fun area for the little kids, decent water slides, but most of all, that wave pool is one of a kind!


The idea of even fake snow is not my idea of fun, so we’ve never gone to BB - but we love TL and agree with everyone’s opinions.


I like both! They are both fun, both kind of similar (apart from the theme of course) but the general idea is the same. Lots of great water rides, lazy river, nice CS places to eat, and generally a great atmosphere in both. You wont go wrong which ever you choose.


I tend to think the age of children is a critical issue. I would think Blizzard Beach is a bit more “teen” oriented with Typhoon Lagoon having more for the younger crowd.


Yes I think you’re absolutely right on that point. With my DD being older I tend to forget about the appeal for younger children. The only caution being the wave of course for the smaller kids at TL.


I would say either choice will be fun times, both are alot of fun and have similar “thrills”. DW was not a fan of waterparks at all and was hesitant to even go…but I “forced” her on our last trip to do both…TL being first…had to remind her SEVERAL times when it was time to go so we wouldn’t miss our dining ressies…she can’t wait to go again to both on our upcoming trip.

For no particular reason if I HAD to choose just one…it would be TL…only because I like the tropical theme better than the snow theme…but that is the only reason…love them both!!!


Love them both, but if I had to choose it would probably be TL. It seems to be easier on the eyes. All that white glaring is soooo bright :laugh:


Our family “loves” TL.

We went to BB once and then TL and haven’t been back to BB.


Thanks you everyone you made it very easy. It looks like we really should go back to typhoon lagoon!! MY children are 7 and 10 so TL is the best water park for our family. I would really love to spend our day floating around the lazy river and I think that TL would be the best place for that.

Mickeybug- I have been thinking about all that white glare also.

OK now I am ready to go!! :slight_smile:


I spoke to Disney today and found out it would be worth it to add the water park and more to our 10 day pass. it will only cost us $70 more for the four of us to visit the water parks 10 times. He said it is not 10 days but 10 times. Which means we can have a day at a Typhoon Lagoon and the evening at Disney Quest then another morning at Blizzard Beach and an evening at Magic Kingdom or a morning at TL and an evening at BB. I didn’t realize you can hop the water park without a park hopper. I don’t want to spend the extra $ on a park hopper because staying for 10 days I feel we don’t need it. With the extra magic hours I can visit the EMH park each day and not need to park hop.
So I am very excited I will be going to both water parks. If we get too busy and only have time for one water park it will be Typhoon Lagoon.
Thought I would share this info with everyone.


Llama. Go to blizzard beach already. It’s a worthy trip. Different from tl but good.