Blizzard Beach vs. Aquatica vs. Wet n Wild


I need some input from someone who has gone to more than one of these. Which is best! We have been only to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach (love them).


I haven’t been to either, but fake snow does not have any allure for me - I have to look at too much of the real stuff. When we were at Sea World last year they had a diorama of Aquatica and it looked really neat! I’d try it.


Water parks in general don’t do much for me.
That said, Wet and Wild is basically a lot on International Drive with a large collection of water slides. Although I’d take a look at their website and also aerial photos (Bing Maps work for me because you can get birds’ eye views that Google Earth lacks.)
Aquatica has more landscaping, green, and trees than W&W. Also, I believe they have designed various slides and pools to offer views of various sea creatures in their own tanks.
Even Typhoon Lagoon doesn’t offer this level of interaction. Naturally, you aren’t really swimming with the fish because you are in chlorinated pool water while they are in “natural” salt water. And it is newer than W&W, TL, and BB.


If you’re at the Beach Club, you have a pretty nice waterpark already. We did like Blizzard Beach though. Just be prepared to climb a lot of steps.


Yeah! That can become pretty tiring.


We actually are staying at our vacation home in Kissimmee this trip. BCV was last trip in August. We had the chance and are taking advantage to go back in late October.

The aerial photos are a good idea!