Block Party Bash Closes January 2011


Because its officially been announced during our meeting today, I feel safe in informing you all that Block Party will stop rocking the block in January. Sad day for us.

But if you love the parade like I do, don’t worry. The new parade will have new floats, new Pixar characters, and a rocking new soundtrack! No word on the title, but it will be fun I’m sure. Also, no more show stops, just one continual parade. More details to come.


Oh well…I guess I should have made the time for that in August. I just assumed it would be there next August. Dang disney and them forever changing. the thing I love about them tends to bite me in the rump from time to time…Can’t wait to hear the scoop on the new parade!


So, they’re really going to just retool the parade or will it be 100% new?


He said new floats and new sound track and no stopping…sounds newish to me.:flowers:


New Parade Coming to Disney?s Hollywood Studios Disney Parks Blog

looks like a few new characters too!


im happy i’ll be able to see it one last time on our trip in september/october!


There will be some familiar elements as we will still keep our current floats, just add more floats to make it a full parade.


Is this effective Jan 1 or later in Jan?


January 1st will be the final performance of Block Party Bash, and then there will be a 2-week hiatus of no parades at Studios in preparation of the new parade.


We will be there the week of Jan 22-29th. Will we get to see the new parade?

Well I guess two weeks would be the week before we get there. It just makes me nervous that it will be delayed.


I am excited to see a new parade. While I enjoyed BPB, we never seemed to sit in the right spot and always missed the stops, only catching part of the show. I enjoy a regular parade. That being said, I hope they keep the high energy and fun that BPB brought.


We only saw it once (I’m not willing to sit in the sun for an extended time), we didn’t realize it stopped. We were by the hat (I think) there are steps??, well anyway, it stopped at the end of the street and you could the show from the front. I was surprised when it moved and kept on going by.


Which is something it really does need. I think there are currently only 3 floats, or is my count wrong?


We enjoyed the Block Party Bash last year. I like the stopping and interacting with the crowd. I am happy we will get to see it once more on our upcoming trip.


I hope that we will be able to somehow salvage our trip and if so it is very possible that we will be at HS on Jan 1. that would be neat I think.


I can’t wait to see the new parade!! I love BPB, but like others said…I always sit in the wrong spot (or end up being about 4 people deep in the party zones).


3 character floats, 3 “tweeners” (the ones the Incredibles hide in), 6 cones, 3 trampolines. The tramps will be gone, but not sure about the tweeners or the cones yet :smile:


Aww, sad to hear it, BPB is my favorite parade on Disney property. Oh well, I will make sure I catch it in a few weeks, but I look forward to the new parade. I just hope it is better than the parade I watched at MK last October. I didn’t really care for that one!


I guess this trip will be my first and last trip seeing BPB:sad: , good thing we’re spenting a whole day in HS


We really enjoyed BPB too, but I am always happy to see new things too. Looks like we will be seeing the new parade in February when we arrive. I can’t wait to see it! I will make sure to take lots of photos for the TR :smile: