Block Party in Hollywood Studios


This sounds like so much fun and I am going to miss it :frowning:


Disney·Pixar’s Block Party Bash invites all ages to play along

When is a parade not a parade? When it’s Block Party Bash, a new kind of interactive entertainment experience that will be making its way through Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ beginning spring 2008.

“It’s a traveling interactive Guest experience,” said Disney Creative Entertainment Show Director Denise Pace. “It’s bigger than any parade.”

Look out world, here it comes!

Imagine you’re on Hollywood Boulevard and suddenly the street fills with gigantic floats and several adjacent stages adorned with giant children’s blocks, as more than 80 performers—including over 20 favorite Disney·Pixar Characters. And they’ve been looking forward to having lots of fun with Guests like you.

“The hosts are the Green Army Men from ‘Toy Story’,” explained Show Producer Thomas Tryon. “It’s their mission to get everyone ready to play, dance and otherwise join in. This is a real opportunity for you to have fun with Disney·Pixar Characters like you’ve never done before.”

Let’s play at the movies

Depending on where you’re standing, you’ll be welcomed into the fun by a cast of Disney performers and characters from any one of three major movie floats. It might be Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head from the “Toy Story” films. It could be Flik, Princess Atta and Heimlich from Disney·Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life.” Or it might be Mike Wazowski, Sulley and Boo from Disney·Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.”

You’ll also see some fun supporting characters from the films that will be fun to see in person at the Park. “We’ve got ‘Monsters, Inc.’ guys like Needleman and Smitty, who are the monsters that work in the factory,” said Denise. “We even have George who is that orange guy who’s got a kid’s sock on his back in the movie. You might even see the sock. It’s hysterical.”

The fun reaches super heights when Mr. Incredible, ElastiGirl and Frozone from Disney·Pixar’s “The Incredibles” appear on the scene to join in the playing and partying.

Trampolines, stilt walkers and toys galore

In addition to all the characters, each unit features spectacular performances, incredible dances and, in particular, awesome acrobatics on a series of trampolines. These intricate trampoline moves are so fantastic, they’re almost an attraction in themselves. Each cast of what Denise and Thomas call the “Pixar Pals” is decked out in costumes themed to the movies and characters they represent.

But the prime performers will be Guests like you, who are invited to dance, sing, shout, jump and play with whatever fun this amazing group of mirth makers can come up with: jump ropes, beachballs, you name it. And with some of the all-time most popular party hits of the last several decades as a soundtrack, it will be hard to resist joining in the festivities.

The streets are alive

“The whole street literally comes alive all around you,” said Thomas. “One of the things I love most about it is that it lends itself to multiple viewings. You might see what the performers do in the ‘Toy Story’ unit one time, and if you come back you might see it all happen with ‘A Bug’s Life’ characters. There is so much going on, that every time you see it you’ll see something new.”

“It’s difficult to compare it to anything we’ve done before,” Denise added. “It’s just such a high energy experience. And it was such a huge hit at Disney’s California Adventure® Park. Our Florida Disney Cast Members who have already enjoyed it in California have become huge fans, so they’re ecstatic that it’s coming to our Resort. It’s going to make quite an impact on Disney’s Hollywood Studios.”


I dont want to rub it in but i can’t wait to experience this in April.


High energy is right. I’ve seen this several times at DCA, and I’m mostly just amazed at the energy those kids in the parade have.


I am so jealous, please take lots of pictures!!


Me too, I’ll be there in April. I just came across it today in fact when we were looking for somewhere to eat in Hollywood Studios. I can’t wait. It sounds like a blast.


Oh my gosh! This sounds amazing. I can’t wait 'till Sept. I hope to see lots of pics and here about it from all of you who see it first.


This is my parade…I have seen it soooooo many times in DCA, and I swear to you I was BORN to be in it. :crying: I got invited to join the dancers whenever they brought kids in, because I was always bouncing like crazy in the crowd! :laugh:

However, every time they had auditions for Block Party, I was always scheduled to help Pooh. Oh Pooh! :dry: :laugh:

P.S. I’m so glad Florida is going to get a taste of it now - it’s so much fun!


Tonight we in Entertainment will find out who gets to be on the opening team for Block Party. I hope I get parade captain!


That would be great!! :happy: Good luck Matt!


I was a never a huge parade fan but after seeing this parade more than several times in DCA I :heart: it! It feels “bigger” than any daytime Disney parade I’ve ever seen; the energy is huge, the floats are huge, the amount of characters & dancers is huge, the colors are VERY bright, the music is huge [loud] :tongue:, and it’s just an overall awesome experience. Don’t worry though Jen, I think it will stick around for quite some time, you’ll see it eventually.

I don’t have a lot of video from the parade but I found this short blurb in my '06 DL TR.
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Don’t let Boss Mouse anywhere near this!!
We’ll absolutely never hear the end of it!!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: true that Soundgod…:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I am not happy about this parade. Do you all want to know why? This parade means no more Hades for Dana…POOH on BPB!:mad:

Matt- best of luck to you for parade captain…

still annoyed that hades will not be anywhere in WDW excpet for fantasmic…BLAH@!


We are thinking about going just not sure I want to deal with April Crowds


I think mid April to mid May is a good time to go. Don’t be afraid of April crowds.


This sounds like a TON of fun, altho every character in it scares the HECK outta my DD3! :glare: She will love the dancing and energy though!

We’ll prob catch in our end-of-school visit . . . last week in May! We love this park, and this will make it even MORE FUN!! :wub: