Block party pics!


These pics are from the block party on Dec 7th!


Some more pics from the block party.


GIRL!!! FANTASTIC PIC OF SLIM!!! So glad you got to see me in action! Just wish you’d have come up to Slim and said," Hey Slim! You friends with Matt Taylor the RowdyRaider?!" That would’ve motivated me to REALLY put on a show for ya :wink:


Oh those were great pictures! We missed the parade, again!


Next time I will for sure!


I lvoe this parade, but I also always thought it would be cool every now and then to turn it into an after-hours REAL party (like Pirates & Princesses or MNSSHP) with activities and special perks. It would be great to have those events at HS as well as at MK!


I like that idea! If only they let us make these decisions!:laugh: