Blogging LIVE!


I’ve decided to do a blog post for each day we’re in The World and thought I’d offer the link to my blog here so you all could read along if you like. I’ll be doing this in place of a traditional trip report this year. :happy: We leave tomorrow at 4:15pm CST and arrive in Orlando at 10:40pm EST. I’ll write my posts late in the evening on each day and post immediately. I’ll try to give a heads up on this thread as to when they’re available.

Finally, my blog can be found here: All Things Huffman

I hope you enjoy! :mickey:


Yeah! Thank you- and have a great trip!!!


sounds fun!!! Have a WONDERFUL trip!


I’ll be reading =0)


have a magical trip Tara. I look forward to reading along.


Today’s blog is up!

All Things Huffman: Learning to do Disney with toddlers (read: RELAX)


Tara, thank you I loved the blog and the photos are just precious! What a beautiful family you are, and the ‘first haircut’ well, just lovely- looking forward to the rest.


Great trip blog! I’m sure you saved a lock of Jaye’s hair, what a precious memory. Your children are beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!


loving it!!!


Sounds like you are off to a great start! I love seeing those first haircut pics…adorable.


Today’s blog.

All Things Huffman: The Good, The Bad, The Sickly

Get ready…nothing like yesterday’s!


Another post up this evening.

All Things Huffman: Let’s Try This Again. Day 3, Part II


OH NO!!! That is my worst nightmare. I hope everyone is feeling much better today.


Oh sorry to hear about the kiddies hope their feeling much better today.


I’m enjoying the blog… what’s the font you’re using?


All Things Huffman: Magic, Memories, and Us

Up and running with everyone healthy!

Andrea, the font is called “Coming Soon”.


Glad everyone is ok! We have had a sick day there too- not fun! Looks like you are having a very magical time!



You got great parade pictures!


Glad things are looking up! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Long day yesterday with a late night at MVMCP so I’m just now getting around to yesterday’s blog. Pics are loading now but they take FOREVER! I’ll share the link as soon as it’s done. Today’s events will have to wait until tomorrow but there isn’t much to share so hopefully that post won’t take too long to compose.