Blooming right now


It’s midday in early April, and I know that the jasmine all around the World Showcase Lagoon is blooming right now, sending that incredible smell all over the park. And the flower baskets are filled with red geraniums, and they are everywhere… at the bus stops, along the walkways. And the magnolia trees between Beach Club and International Gateway are filled with gigantic magnolia blooms. And all the gardenias around the pools at BW are going full strength right now… creamy white and aromatic. Ruby hibiscus all over Poly and Typhoon Lagoon… Spring is my favorite time of year to be at WDW.

Wish I could be there to enjoy it all in person… sniff. :sad:


stop, stop stop, you are driving yourself nuts. Go and dig around in your own garden, loose the WDW thoughts, you’ll feel better in a minute…


Ooh! Magnolia trees between the Beach Club and the IG – I can’t wait to smell them next month!


I always love the flowers every year at the flower festivals at Disney…ºoºJudy


I love all the flowers at WDW…any kind any time of year. It’s just a nice added touch… Now I want to go plant something…lol


I’m a garden fanatic. The flowers at WDW are so important to me. Some of the most beautiful gardens at the WS of Epcot are my favourite attractions. Canada, UK and Japan are particularly beautiful. I have to keep my thoughts to myself though - a few years ago we travelled through England in June, and all I could say was “look at the roses!!!” It’s become my dh and dds catchphrase to tease me, if I even mention flowers.