BLT dues


Does anyone know what the dues are for BLT…I’ve read online that they’re $3.67/pt for the first year. Is this a promo rate that will jump into the $4+ range after that or do you think it’ll stay at the lowest dues rate?


Well, they’re going to go up but I think they’re going to stay lower than the other resorts. I think BLT is going to be cheaper to operate due to how it’s constructed, up instead of out. Also, the points per room are a little higher than the other resorts so they’re able to allocate more points per unit, more points equals lower dues per point.

I may be way off, this is just my opinion.


No, the initial dues/maintenance fees for BLT are not artificially low (i.e., not a “promotional” rate).

DVD provides a subsidy (it’s only $0.05 per point) so early buyers of a partially sold-out resort won’t have to shoulder abnormally high maintenance fees. In other words, if DVD didn’t provide the subsidy, the MF’s would be artificially high.

As the resort sells out, DVC eliminates the subsidy. The purpose of the subsidy is not to lower maintenance fees below what they would typically be. The idea is that the subsidized cost would be equivalent to the actual cost if the resort was sold out.


That makes alot of sense what you both suggested. I was just amazed at the dues rate compared to all the other places. While I love the location, BLT contemporary style isn’t my thing. I’d love it if the Poly or GF developed a DVC at either resort (personally I’d love the Poly).


I agree. We love the location but the style just isn’t us. We’re talking about trying a split stay next summer to see it in person, maybe we’ll feel it then. Just the locations makes it worth it but I also want to love the room.


I hear ya. Part of the reason I’ve been looking at BC points. I love that resort and style (although I’m not sure about $106/pt for a shorter contract when I can get less for AKV which I do like).

Definitely want to add on point, but want to love the resort/style.


part of the annual dues is taxes, and part is maintenance.

A lot of units on a small piece of land = lower LAND taxes. Also less grounds to maintain per unit = lower cost.

More units under a single roof also = lower roof replacement costs.