BLT Model Pictures


Here are pictures from the BLT model set up in the magic green building at SSR. One minute you are in BLT watching the fireworks but step through another door and you’re in AKV.

Sure wish I could get around the PARKS that easily! :laugh:



More pics…


When Tink flies during wishes she really will be pixie looking from BLT!


Oh they do look scrumptious.


Very cool, Richard! Thanks!


As wonderful as I imagined they would look! :happy:


I’ll finally get to see the BLT models myself in a few days.


Wow!! Very cool thanks for sharing!! :heart:


Thanks! I can’t wait to see it in person.


Boy they did an excellent job on the theming. I could have guessed it was the Contemp without being told!


The funny thing is that this trip we didn’t ride the monorail so I didn’t get any outside pictures.

If anybody wants copy of the full sized pictures email me. Posted here are 25% resized to fit MB requirements.


I thought the models looked great too when we saw them. Much better than the pictures online! they look great!


Thanks for posting these! I wonder if Wishy took any? I can’t wait to see hers, too! :happy:


Silly question. Probably filled up a 2 gig card. :laugh: If she ever gets her TR finished I’m sure she’ll have some there.


Cool pics!!! Can hardly wait to stay there!!.


I love them! I wish we could buy them right now!


You absolutely can… you’ve got $500 and a dream?



[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;896752]You absolutely can… you’ve got $500 and a dream?


I’ve got $500 but I don’t have the rest!:laugh: And that would just be a rotten idea.


Ehhhh, that’s debatable.


Any scoop on pricing or deals yet. This may get me to take the plunge into DVC.


All the info is out. Call DVC and ask for the information, they will send you a wonderful book and all the BLT info. They don’t pressure you, in fact, we didn’t hear a thing in the 3 years between making out first call and calling back to buy in.

If you would like a referral for a guide let me know, I have a wonderful guide and would be happy to pass the information on to you. Sometimes there are specials is you have a member’s name when you make that first call.