BLT or AKL again?


We are contemplating lodging for our next WDW trip (which now looks to be June again, the older DD getst the harder the in school trips are getting). Anyway, we stayed AKL Jambo this past June and fell in love! It is #1 on our list of favorites now. SO my question is would be totally disappointed in BLT if we rented points for a studio? I’m so torn between trying something new and being so close to MK and going back to AKL. It is the 4 of us (DH, me, DD (12), and DS (6)). It will probably be 9 nights early/mid June. Both resorts seem to me to be at total opposite ends of the spectrum! We loved the relaxing feel of AKL so much and the staff was wonderful!


I have never stayed at AKL, but have family and friends who have. As far as BLT, we LOVE it. It’s amazing. I guess the answer to your question would depend on what you’re looking for and what kind of view you have. A view of the castle is just amazing. It’s great to watch fireworks from your balcony. The ability to walk to MK is great and the quick access to the monorail is a huge plus for me, as I tend to spend some time at the Poly. It’s a beautiful view from the pool side as well.


I first want to disclose that I am totally biase, as AKL Jambo House is my most favorite place in the world. With BLT being our home resort, we did book a trip at the 11 month window that originally our entire stay would be a Magic Kingdom View studio at BLT. Then the family reacted after I told them, asking why we weren’t going to AKL. So at 7 months, I kept two days at BLT to try it and changed the rest to AKL. Very glad I did that, as although there were great perks at BLT, after 2 days, we were ready to move to “home.” The positives of BLT were of course, watching the fireworks from your balcony, and using Top of the World Lounge. Also walking from MK to the resort is wonderful, not having to deal with transportation, but after that, I don’t get any warm fuzzy feeling from it. You have to pretty much walk over to the Contemporary for food and shopping, and we had such a cramped feeling, with the studio being the smallest square footage of all DVC resorts. Didn’t think that would make that big of a difference, but we were defintely cramped. I know a lot of people will have different input about the positives and negatives. From my experience, I would suggest to try it, but recommend a split stay to get the best of both worlds.