BLT or the new GFV?


Which do you recommend? We have stayed at BLT and loved it! But there is now something new - GFV? How good are the views? How convenient? BLT spoiled us a lot.


Boss, I did a split stay at three resorts midJanuary. Got to spend two nights at GFV. All I can say is I felt like princess! The room is totally beautiful. We were close to the stairwell that exited right by the pool (and more important for dh, the bar!) I would highly recommend staying there if you get the opportinity.


I would have to try those new villas. I have only seen pictures and have to agree with Beth - PRINCESS!!! So pretty!!


Are you talking trying or buying?

Trying? Go for it.

Buying? I am just sooooooooooooooooooooooo spoiled with walking to MK from BLT.

Our perfect trip is staying part time at BLT and BCV/BWV. Hardly use transportation at all.


Depends on the view you want.
I’m not sure what kind of MK view the GF villas offer.
It seems to me that all of the buildings being south and slightly west of the GF’s original buildings, you’ll have good views of the Poly, the monorail and parking area, and Seven Seas Lagoon, but not so clear views of the MK.
Understand, I’m guessing based mostly on what I’ve seen on the ground and from the train. I could be wrong.