Blt preview!


I just came to brag that I was just enjoying a drink & refreshments in the rooftop lounge of BLT, toured a grand villa, saw the gorgeous pool area, & everything is AMAZING. Beyond belief. I will post pics later, on the monorail right now! :tongue: having a wonderful trip. Don’t want to leave on thursday. :sad:


I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to see the pictures.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Me too!!! Glad you are having a wonderful trip.


Awesome! I know you don’t want to leave but I’m ready for you to come back! I miss you AND I love your TR’s!


I didn’t want to say that but I was thinking it. The first thing I thought of when I turned the computer on was “I hope Wishy is back and started her TR last night.” I hope the next couple of days go by slowly for you but I can’t wait for you to get back.


:happy: Hope you’re having a fabulous trip!!

:ph34r:Also, can’t wait for the TR.


I’ll add some pics, we are relaxing for a couple hours back at Kidani :heart:

lobby entry of BLT


PS: I apologize for watermarking these pics. I know it’s a little weird but a couple years ago I found a couple of my Disneyland pics on someone else’s forum with no crfedit what-so-ever and since not many guests have been able to go up & into BLT I am just watermarking these. I promise my real TR won’t be. :smile:

Another part of the lobby from the outside window


As a group we weren’t able to enter through the lobby but I could spy this:


Cool chairs


Ooooh even the outside is just gorgeous!!! :wub:

I can’t wait for you to be home…I LOVE Wishy TRs! :biggrin: (But I hope the trip drags out for you and the next couple days feel like forever!)


Across the sky walkway, accessible at floor #5 of BLT, floor 4 of the Contemp.


Right after we entered the building, we could see the pool area from some big windows across from the elevator


it started POURING soon after we got in. The mickey heads on the slide light up neon in the dusk/dark


As we entered the Grand Villa. I believe this was a “Lake View” and this was the main living room area.


View from the tall windows in the living room


Looking up toward the loft


Kitchen area & window to one of the upstairs bedrooms


Looking down from the loft.


The loft area has another TV and a pull out couch, along with another door to the hallway where you can access your room. This is also where you can enter either extra bedroom