BLT room map?


I am just curious, does anyone know if/where there is a map of where the rooms at BLT are situated?

Like are all the “standard view studios” on one floor, one side? Is everything spread out? Is there a pattern of where all the room classes are placed?

I am just curious to know because we always put a “room request” on our reservation, totally understand it’s not a guarantee, but I’d say over 80% of the time we receive our request.

I would love to just get a good visual layout of the villa classes & their placements. We were in a “MK view Studio” in December, we requested a “high floor” and got on the 11th floor, it was a perfect view.


I don’t know if this will help? Mapping out BLT! map updated 10/14 - The DVC Boards at - the place to talk DVC and Walt Disney World


That’s a great resource! I can’t imagine how the third floor could be considered MK view. You see more parking lot than castle.


Woah, those charts make my head spin. :laugh: I’ll have to figure that mess out later. haha. Maybe I will post our room # on there for that person to chart.


Here’s your chance Wishy … You need more time there to collectively put together a percise map of BLT and you could use your pics for pop-ups to give it that 3-D effect!!! :pirate:


haha, oh pluh-lease. I can’t even organize my pictures in digital files. :laugh:


Time to bring in the wingman … Daniel !!! :laugh:


double puh-lease, haha, he just learned how to “copy & paste” two weeks ago. :laugh:


That was going to be my suggestion. It’s not official but I think it’s pretty close.

Some of the lake views on the MK side actually still have pretty decent view for fireworks. We had a guest stay in 7714 and they thought they got an upgrade to MK view!

And I’d think that the 2 through 4th floor would be standard views. Some of the trees might block MK view.


I am looking over the resort map now and it is making my head spin. How I wish I could book a room for a quick trip now


Hey wish, did you scroll all the way down on that link? There is a pretty cool section that has exact views of rooms listed by room number… that’s the kind of chart that makes me want to book NOW.


AAAAAHHHHHH seeing this post bumped up has me wishing it was time for me to book my trip