BLT room request


My sister is staying at Bay Lake Tower for the first time in Feb.
They have a 2 bedroom booked.
Are room requests prior to arrival considered? If so, should they be made by phone, fax??
Even if room requests are not considered prior to arrival, they plan on requesting something at check-in.
What should they request??? What rooms should be avoided

Also, any BLT tips are welcomed…Thank-You!


Your guess is as good as anybody’s. I’ve had limited success with requests. Of course some people go crazy with requests so remember that requests “are not guaranteed.”

My take is higher rooms better overall for noise, but the MK views you are looking more down on the fireworks.

Tell her that the door lock signs on the balcony doors are wrong. Where it says clockwise do counter clockwise & vice versa. At least they were in the rooms I’ve been in. I guess when they say clockwise the REALLY ment was clockwise from OUTSIDE. :blink::laugh:


We just stayed there for the first time in December in a MK view Studio. I had put a request on my reservation for a “high floor” & they did honor it. Room requests are never guaranteed to be honored but I’d say about 85% of the time we get whatever our request was.

If you are a DVC member staying there the best thing to do is call member services and say “can I put a request on my reservation?”