Blue Bayou with kids


This will be my sons’ (2 and 5) first trip to DL.
I have always wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou and was wondering if anyone else has brought their children to this restaurant.

I figured I can forget trying to get my kids to ride POTC, but maybe they will eat at the restaurant?
Has anyone had a good ot bad experience with this?


We’re going there in Sept. Have you checked out the menu to see if they would like the food there? Or would they just be ordering the standard kid’s food?


Kids are welcome at Blue Bayou, and they have kids menus. :wub:

Ask for the tables next to the water, you might be able to convince your sons to go on the ride if they constantly see the boats go by. :cool:

My Heir Apparent was fine until he got to the age of 11, when suddenly “kids menus” were demeaning.

But for the most part, I haven’t had a bad experience, nor have I witnessed any. It really is a neat place to eat, and so unlike the rest of the styro-meal lunch counter eateries through the rest of the park.

Boy… Character Breakfasts and Blue Bayou! It sounds like your vacation will be a lot of fun! We’ll be expecting a trip report afterwards… :laugh:


My son likes eating at Blue Bayou, especially to watch the boats go by. I always ask for a table by the water. The kids menu is a good mix of food, but it is a dark restaurant, so I don’t know if your kids will like that.


We’ll be there sept 25-29th.
I would probably order the kids’ meals for them and do a lunch ressie before they get too tired (meltdown time).

Sitting by the water watching boats go by might coerce them into trying the ride…great idea!
On the other hand, someone from our party might be taking them on the Jungle Cruise over and over until we’re done with lunch.

How is BB at seating when you have ressies? Is it still quite a wait?


If you have priority seating, you are usually seated very quickly. I usually show up early for my time and have always been seated before my reservation time. If you are doing lunch, make an 11:30 res (the earliest they take). Then show up 15-20 minutes early and request a waterside table. By being one of the first to check in, you are almost guaranteed a waterside table.

And just FYI, the kids get cute little pirate hats to wear!


You are supposed to show up five to ten minutes prior.

You are seated within five minutes of showtime.

Rather prompt, actually!


We have taken our children there MANY times (they are now 6 and 3) and we have never had a problem. The kid’s menu is good and watching the boats and “fireflys” keeps them interested. We’re leaving for their tomorrow and will eat at BB on Friday.


Make sure to make a reservation and tell them it’s your first visit. They are usually very helpful. They have a kid’s menu and a great adult menu too! My daughter (10) loves the clam chowder. She loved it so much they actually gave her a recipe card on how to make it at home. She was thrilled, we tried it out as soon as we got home. The Monte Cristo sandwich is also pretty good.


I do not have children but when I went in June there were children around os, of all ages, enjoying it! It has become very “pirates” friendly. When we were there they gave the little boy at the table next to us a paper pirate hat & the little girl was playing with the “edible” sail that came on her pirate ship dessert. I’d say children would enjoy it!


Take the kids! They will totally love it… My older kids talk about it all of the time…

I also wanted to add that you can bring kids on the Pirates ride at a very young age. My littlest was on my lap looking around wide eyed at 11 months. She was more scared when she was 2.5 (but not very scared). If your kids are scared you may be able to tweak their fear with lots of positive stories in preparation.



my daughter was 3 when we went last time. she did great and they had a kids menu. its very quite and peaceful in the blue bayou.


The kids menus turn into pirate hats too.