Blue Bayou


We are coming to Disneyland in March, and I know you can make reservations there, but can you specifically reserve a table by the water? Or is it just whats available?


Nope, you can’t specifically reserve a table by the water BUT if you are celebrating something special let them know; maybe they’ve give you a nice table. Also try asking nicely when you check in for your reservation, get there 15 minutes before hand and ask if it’s possible to “wait for a table on the bayou.”

Good luck, the food is great there.


my DW and I went there July of 2008 and we asked for a table by the water. We got one close but it was at the end of the dinning area nearest the start of the ride. So you can but you really will not but sure what you get.


We were told if you want to wait for one to open up, then you could get one. We ended up pretty close anyway but we have never been right on the water. It’s kinda like that “wanna ride in the front of the coaster” thing. It’s a longer wait but worth it. Make sure and make reservations now. They fill up fast and hardly ever take walk ins.


I have eaten at a table by the water many a time. But not since the Pirate movies have come out. It’s been so crowded and overpriced that I rarely make an appearance…

But if you show up early, half an hour before your rese, you have an extremely good chance of obtaining one of those tables. :pirate: