Boardwalk area restaurant poll


We have an ADR at Spoodles, but I am thinking of changeing it.

But we do want to stay in the BW area, and the restaurant has to be on the dining plan.(1 TS credit)

Which would you choose?



That’s a tough one.

We really like ESPN, the atmoshpere is relaxed fun and the food is pretty good. Down side–no ARDs.

I have always wanted to try Big River, it looks interesting. My DH likes to try different beers so I am sure he would enjoy it. Also no ADRs (at least that was how it was the last time I clled to book it).

Cape May was just so so for us–good but not great. I may have just had my fill of buffets but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there again.

I think I would go with Big River for something new and different.


We have had lunch a couple of times at Big River Grille & Brewing Works, we thought the food was good and it was very quiet and relaxing sitting outside by the water. I’m sure dinner would be just as nice, maybe not as quiet.


I didn’t get to eat at Spoodles, but it had a great looking atmosphere, AND it smelled WONDERFUL! Stay there!


I want to try Cape May, so I voted for that.

Spoodles was just okay for me, and I can try Big River or ESPN outside of the World.

psssst… stay away from Spoodles’ lemon chicken! :laugh:


DH and I absolutely LOVE Big River!!! The ribs are fabulous there, the best mashed potatoes in WDW, and DH really LOVES all the brews made there (I don’t drink or I’d offer my opinion on those too, hehe)


This was tough for me. I like both ESPN and Big River but voted for Big River - the food is just a little higher quality there, I think. But I LOVE the atmosphere at ESPN. So I guess it is a toss up for me.


I’ve never been there, but I REALLY want to try Spoodles, so that’s what I voted for.


I liked Spoodles,but I lOVED Cape may Cafe,so I voted for that one.


I voted for Cape may for a couple of reasons I love seafood is my first reason second its the only one Ihave been to out of your choices lol


Spoodles, no question. Both ESPN and Big River are OK, nothing special as far as food goes. Cape May is ok, for a buffet, and I don’t like buffets at all. Spoodles is fantastic, and a great use of the dining plan. For two, your meal there can easily be over $150. I have never had a poor meal there, and it is fun to try some different tastes. I would definitely stay at Spoodles.


Of the restaurants you’ve listed, definitely Spoodles. We’ve always had fine meals there. ESPN is just another sports bar, Big River is really nothing special and Cape May is a buffet. If I had my choice of all the Boardwalk, though, I’d pick the Flying Fish Cafe. It’s one of WDW’s best restaurants.


stay at Spoodles! Always waned to try there. If you are determined o chang though then my next choice would be Big River Grill.


Another vote for Spoodles…it’s right up there with LeCellier as my favorite WDW restaurant!


Too many restaurants, too little time. Voted for Big River, as they have a neat micro brewery there and the beers are good (as well as the food). Also like Cape May, ESPN amd Flying Fish. Was not impressed with Spoodles, but that may have just been a bad visit.


bumping up for some more votes


Well the only one I have been to now is Spoodles and I really liked it, so that’s my choice


I’ll second that, we had a wonderful meal there last summer.


Spoodles for dinner…Big River for after dinner beers.


Looks like Spoodles is running away with it…