Boardwalk Bakery open early?


Baloo and I are taking a trip next weekend and will be staying at the Swan (a first for us!). We’re driving in early and plan to hit the Boardwalk Bakery for breakfast on our way in to Epcot. Does anyone happen to know what time the bakery opens? We’re planning on arriving at like 7am, and we thought, “Well, we’ll just have a leisurely breakfast at the bakery before Epcot opens!” … Now I’m thinking, if we get there that early, are we going to be sitting around waiting for the bakery to open (with our faces pressed against the windows, drooling over the pastries)? Any help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:


…opens at 6:30 according to the Disney website…


Thank you! Didn’t know they posted hours.


Yep—The Disney website has menus and hours for all the eating establishments at the parks, resorts and DTD…at least they do as of today…you never know what tomorrow will bring!!! :slight_smile: