Boardwalk for something different


Good afternoon everyone,

After much debate on not taking a Disney trip this year we might be able to work it in :smile:

We’ve never stayed at the Boardwalk before and would love your feedback and suggestions (good and bad)…

  1. Rooms/location
  2. Convenience to other parks
  3. Transportation options, etc.

p.s. stayed at Fort Wilderness Cabins in November and even though it wasn’t a bad trip I came back wondering if I’ve lost some of the Disney magic…sad I know! Looking for a great location, trip, etc.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

Very excited!!!


We have stayed at the Boardwalk 2 or 3 times and personally it’s one of my favorites. I like the decor, the pool and the resort. The only drawback is the hallways within the resort can be very, very long. It doesn’t really bother me much, we’re “walkers”…but I’ve heard others complain. What I love the most is the location!! We enjoy walking the Boardwalk at night and soaking up the atmosphere. I love that we can walk to Epcot and Disney Studios, or if you prefer, you can grab a boat. If we need to run back to the room late in the day to grab a sweater or jacket, its a quick run back to the room. We are DVC members, and I wish this was my home. They have buses that run from the Boardwalk to AK and MK and DtD…sometimes the buses seemed a little slow, but it may have been our timing. I think we’ve always chosen the standard view (to get the most use out of our DVC points) and have always been happy with the view.


We’ve only stayed on the DVC side, so I don’t know what the rooms in the Inn are like, but we love the Resort. It has a wonderful atmosphere and the lobby is so beautiful. We like to sit on the front porch in the rockers and watch the goings on on the Boardwalk. We also love that it’s just a short walk to Epcot. My only gripe is the main pool - why they put in that freaky clown slide is beyond me. He’s creepy.


Bus and boats from Boardwalk Inn are the same as the other 4 Crescent Lake hotels.
Much of the time all 5 share buses, while at busier times they break into two routes - Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin and Yacht/Beach.
When they share, it’s Swan/Dolphin/Yacht/Beach/Boardwalk in that order. The truth about bus service is that Disney Transport tries to service every bus stop at least 3 times an hour. Of course, there is no set schedule partly because buses do not stay strictly on one route all day. They constantly switch buses from one route to the next.
You are always faster walking from Epcot to any of the Crescent Lakes hotels and Boardwalk would be the shortest walk of the 5 to DHS and you can usually beat the boat on foot.

The hallways can be pretty long if you’re at the far end of the corridor.
Everyone loves the thought of having a room and balcony on the boardwalk, but if you’d like a little privacy, you want to face the quiet pool and gardens, if you’re on the hotel side.

The rooms are pretty standard for the deluxe hotels. By now, they have probably switched to flat panel LCD TVs. (This is happening slowly across all of the hotels)
They aren’t as big as the Poly or Contemporary, but they are a little larger than the mods. Of course, they all have balconies.


We love the Boardwalk Inn!!! The rooms were soooo comfortable - the beds, pillows, bedding - seriously to die for. Being able to walk to both HS and Epcot was wonderful. The walks are so easy that I wouldn’t even bother with the boats. They take so long - stops at BC/YC/Swan/Dolphin.

We had a room right off the elevator, so long hallways weren’t an issue. We had a standard room so the view wasn’t anything great, but that didn’t bother us.

Some people are freaked out by the “clown pool” but DD loved the slide and CM’s did many activites by the pool during the day.

The only counter service is the Bakery which is actually on the Boardwalk, not inside the hotel. We went there for lunch one day and for snacks (cupcakes, etc). We had a grocery delivery so we ate most breakfasts in the room.

The only real negative is it’s a pain in the butt to get to MK and AK. The buses really took forever from the BWI and many times share with other resorts.

So if you’re planning on spending most of your time at Epcot & HS I would say that there are no negatives! Enjoy!