Boardwalk Inn Steeplechase Presidential Suite


Have a little time on your hands? Go check out allears’ new photos of the Steeplechase Presidential Suite – it is insanely wonderful. :wub: WOW. I wonder how much it costs? Here is the link, and the pics are about halfway down the page:

BoardWalk Inn Photos


OMG… it is beautiful, would love to know how much per night…


$2k per night-ish? My guess.


To quote the wise words of Liz Lemon…

“I want to go there.” :laugh:


Pretty gorgeous - I wonder if any celebrities have stayed there. Actually, I wonder what kind of accommodations celebrities usually stay in. Are there “secret” suites?


According to AllEars, that suite runs upwards of $2000 depending on the season/holiday. So Wish was right on the money (so to speak.)


Guess I will stay at the POFQ (my fav)


Wow. Love how there are two master bedrooms.


No kitchen? What??? LOL


Well, you know the old saying for high end stuff like this, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.
And if the per night price is in the $2K region, I sure can’t!