Boardwalk Inn Villas


Okay we have never been there so I need to know what everyone says…

Would you spend the money and stay with the view of the boardwalk? It is like 400 total more dollars or would you say forget it?

Can you see the fireworks or the electric parade from the rooms if we have boardwalk views? We are staying in a 2 bedroom villa…

Thanks for the help


I personally would save the money. The views are nice, but the Boardwalk can be noisy. You can see very small portions of the Epcot fireworks, but that is it. The view is of the Boardwalk area, or the pool. While nice, definitely not worth the extra money. Ask for the upgrade when you get there, you may get lucky.


We stayed there this past May.
Our first night we had a BW view, the rest of the trip we moved to a Pool view.
I would save the money and go with a view other than BW. There really are no “bad” views that I coud see on the Villas side at all.


I agree 100%. We have had the pool view the last two times and it was the best. The BW view is over rated. Save the money.



Hi ak – We had a non-Boardwalk, non-pool view room reserved (it was to basically be a room with a parking lot view)… it turned out to be the FARTHEST villa on the top floor, and it did have a view of the parking lot, but we also looked over the tennis courts and… fireworks evey single night from MGM!!! It was a fantastic surprise!!! And the kids were way to young to stay out every night for fireworks, so they got to see them from our balcony instead! It was WONDERFUL!!!


We’ve stayed at Boardwalk three times - first two in the standard view and it was great - on our last trip they upgraded us to a Boardwalk view - and it was not-so-great. It was noisy until 2 in the morning. Just not worth the extra points - we’re going back in September and we’ve got the standard view. And if they offer me an upgrade - I’m not going to take it. Actually, I hope we get the view overlooking the front of the resort - that Pool-Clown freaks me out…


Hey Md,
I am piggy backing this thread as we are thinking about staying here in March. In what building did you stay? I’m gonna try one of R2G’s map links to look at the layout.


Definatley save your money. Like everyone else said the boardwalk view is very very noisy. We called around midnight the first night to get our room switched due to the noise. Pool view is great !


We loved our room – IN the main building – it was #3136, I think, and it had a great view! It’s a parking lot view room, but you see the tennis courts and the MGM fireworks at night!


Missdisney, was that a Villa room or a regular Boardwalk one? We are staying in a “standard studio” with our points in 3 weeks and I really wanted to know what to request. I know we are getting parking lot, which is fine, but I prefer to be as close as possible to the main areas.

ak172, from what everyone suggests to me I would also choose an alternate view to save the money. We are using “DVC points” for our August stay at Boardwalk and staying in a “standard room” is saving us enough points to take another 3-4 night vacation later in the year. One of my co-workers stayed in a Boardwalk View villa with a balcony and said the balcony was nice for people watching but ALSO said because of the tree growth, etc… seeing the EPCOT fireworks was pretty hard. In places like Animal Kingdom Lodge I DO spring for the “Savannah View,” etc. b/c it’s worth it but for Boardwalk I would opt to save. Oh oh oh, and another DVC member and co-worker said they had a “garden view” and it was beautiful and serene.


This is KEY to Boardwalk Villas, and I mean it!

When we checked in, the CM offered to put us right by the elevator… we were aghast (usually “by the elevator” means noise, foot traffic, ice machines, etc., and it is un-desirable). We requested to be as far from the elevator as possible. So we were given the top floor, last room on the left. It was a really long walk to the room, but we LOVED it because of the view (yes, parking lot, but also tennis courts and Tower of Terror!), the quiet, the MGM fireworks at night, etc.

This is all in the main building, which is massive. There are all sorts of stairwells that you ca nuse to take shortcuts to the pools, etc.

However, if you want to have the short walk, take the room by the elevator!


P.S. It is very cool to look out of your window at night and see Tower of Terror right there!!!


Great tip MissDisney! I would have thought the same thing you did, but now I know! haha.


And might I add - the parking lot is way off in the distance - it’s not like it’s right under your balcony. Our first stay we overlooked the front of the Resort - lawns and a little bridge - it was really pretty. Our second we overlooked the pool - but if clowns freak you out - don’t ask for pool view. I swear that clown is the one from “IT”. And as Miss Disney said - the hallways are like five miles long. If they put you near the elevator, take it.


I am trying to balance walking to EPCOT and walking to MGM.

More important, I guess, the walk home from EPCOT should weigh more. SO I might try a building on that wing.


Won’t make much of a difference.

I’ll test it out for you in September. Remind me to take my pedometre.


Hey Boss… to get anywhere in Boardwalk Villas from EC or MGM, you pretty much have to go in the front door of the resort. So, technically, as long as you are in the main building, any wing will do. That said, I bet you could shave, oh, I don’t know, maybe 275 feet (that’s about 84 metres, Llama… LOL!) if you ask for that room near the elevator…:laugh:

And the walk to MGM is long. I thought it would pretty fun to have Razor Scooters on that long walkway…


I was thinking they are like Beach Club with side doors etc. We had a room were we walked out one of the hall way doors and on to the path to EPCOT.

Very cool


Yeah - the set-up at BW is different. The Villas are on the opposite side of the Resort, closer to the MGM side(which is still a long walk) than to Epcot.


We had a studio right over the Boardwalk on the top floor. Our only choices were to go to the end of the hall (only about 2 rooms away) and go down the stairs, but they let out on the MGM side, so we had to walk all the way around Jellyrolls, etc., or walk to the elevator, and down. To Epcot, it was faster to go through the lobby, by far. To MGM, it was kind of a toss up if we were walking, but we usually took the boat.