Boardwalk or Beach Club!


I would like to stay at one or the other.We will be there 2 nights before a cruise.Plan on spending most of our time at the resort only doing MNSSHP on Halloween night!Which one would you choice and why.


If swimming is huge on your agenda - the Beach Club has Stormalong Bay which is the BEST mini-waterpark (you can’t really call it a pool) at WDW. Other than that…there really isn’t much difference between the two resorts. Both are beautiful - they share the same transportation. You can walk from one to another in 2 minutes - so no matter which one you stay at the restaurants at Boardwalk are just steps away. Both are within walking distance to Epcot. Really - it’s hard to make a choice, other than the swimming…


If you are planning to be at the resort mostly, I would say Beach Club because it has an onsite restaurant, and an incredible pool that just can’t be described and the grounds around the pool are incredible as well.


Both are beautiful resorts, and you could not go wrong with either one. We have stayed at both, but prefer the Beach club. The pool is the best, and with Beaches N Cream and Cape May right there is the deal maker for us. The Board walk is a brief walk to enjoy the night life of the board walk, and our favorite place to relax at night … Jelly Rolls. The service and other amenity’s are about the same at both resorts.


Resort stay = pool = Beach Club.

You still have access to access to everything on the Boardwalk too.


Never stayed at either but dream is to stay at Beach Club. The pool definately is the selling point!

As others have said, you can stroll all around the Boardwalk. Many restaurants to choose from, nightly entertainment on the Boardwalk, shops, The Dance Hall and Jelly Rolls. There is quite a bit to do.


THis is a win/win decision. Both resorts are beautiful and have a lot to do at each one. If you like to spend time in or around the pool Beach Club wins hands down. No matter which one you pick you can easily enjoy both resorts since you can walk between them easily.


Beach Club!!


Both resorts are incredible. If you want a nice pool then the Beach Club is perfect. If you want a little more nightlife and entertainment then choose the Boardwalk. You can’t go wrong either way.


Tough choice… I love them both!

Have to go with Beach Club. The pool is amazing, and it’s not nearly as loud at night. Boardwalk has a walking advantage to Hollywood Studios, but if you plan to take a boat there, it shouldn’t be a big deal, anyway.


Check out the pool refurbishment closure time period for Beach Club before you make a decision. We wanted to try it this March, but the pool will be closed. So we’re staying at BWV…we love it, but wanted to try a new resort this time.


Thanks everyone.We plan on using the pool all day,So we will be staying at the Beach Club for 3 great days.


Sounds fantastic!!!


You are going to love the pool. We spend at least one full day at the pool each trip and it’s never enough.


You will love the pool. My kids try to go to the pool every afternoon on our trips. I usually take a little nap in the lounge chairs while they have a blast and I get a bit of a tan too. Win win…


Either… I would go by price. Their both beautiful. I like Board Walk for the pool, but Beach Club is just as nice. Go with either!

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