Boardwalk Parking to Epcot


I call on my Overplanning Brothers and Sisters to help me out here, since I am planning this out for November. :laugh:

The day we arrive, we’re thinking about going to Spoodles for dinner (not because I’m dying to go there- although the menu does look good- but because my 4 year old, who is not even going on this trip, thinks the name is hilarious.) We’ll have our car, so we’ll be driving to the Boardwalk from CBR and parking there.

After we eat, I would like to walk over to Epcot and catch Illuminations. Does anyone know if that’s allowed? Can I leave my car parked there for all that time? Or will I be forced to turn in my mouse ears? :mickey:



Pete and I do this ALL the time. When you pull up to the gate, just smile real nice and tell the guard you want to grab something to eat on the Boardwalk and maybe stick around for the nightlife later. They won’t give you a problem.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed. You’re going to a restaurant on the Boardwalk and have a right to park there. But maybe somebody else can verify this for sure. Spoodles is a funny name - what a great reason for trying it. We’ve eaten there several times and enjoy it very much.


I have done this too. Don’t worry about it. You can also use the valet if desired. They get upset if you park all day, but you will be fine. You will also love Spoodles, just fantastic.


I think parking at the Boardwalk is less strict than other Disney resorts. We have never had to get the 3 hour parking pass like we do at the other resorts.


Grrr the 3 hr pass drives me NUTS!!! Especially when I want to park at the Contemporary and use the MK walkway to avoid the traffic jam of people after Wishes.


The Boardwalk people encourage guests to enjoy the “nightlife” – ESPN Club, the piano bar, the restaurants. Go see the fireworks, have a crepe-on-a-stick as you leave the Boardwalk (not for any reason other than that it is yummy) and have your daughter’s hair braided while you are there!