Boardwalk pool food


We are booked at the Boardwalk in April. Not super happy with the dining situation while lounging by the pool for a day…
Is there any food items available by the pool? Walking through the lobby, and down to the boardwalk to grab something for lunch does not sound very ideal…
Finallly found some info saying you could get some food at the carousel bar at the pool, but can’t find any info on what is available for food…hoping it goes beyond a bag of potato chips there…sandwiches? Salads? any grill?
(We are used to staying at the Beach Club and having Hurricane Hannas & the quick service close to the pool.)
Hoping to hear some good news on this!


We’ve never used the main pool at Boardwalk - that clown is just way too freaky for me, so I don’t know the snack situation.

You could visit the Bakery on Boardwalk and create a little picnic lunch from their sandwiches and goodies before you hit the pool.


Hope this helps, have a great vacation.

Leaping Horse Libations - Boardwalk


After reading IT by Stephen King I have a real problem with Clowns as well :ohmy: