Boardwalk pool


is the pool at the boardwalk open all night? i stayed there a few times, but i do not remember…


Hmmm - I don’t think it’s open all night. Would you really want to spend an entire night with that freaky clown!!!:ohmy::ohmy:


That clown comes to life when the sun goes down. It watches your every move.


Nope, not open all night.
And the clown really IS scary, especially at night!


good question-I was curious about this too. We’re staying at BWV in less than 2 weeks (woohoo!), and we like to take a late night dip after spending the day in the parks. When we stayed at Beach Club, the big pool was closed late, but the smaller quiet pools and hot tubs were available for a late night swim. Hope its the same at Boardwalk. I do NOT need to hang out with that creepy clown late at night, but a soak in the hot tub would be nice!


They have a quiet pool at the Boardwalk. When I stayed there, my room was very close to the quiet pool. I think you can probably get away with a late night dip. :wink:


Same here. We could have gone in it at night if we had chosen to. It’s a little secluded.

It’s that walking through the lobby in a dripping suit that’ll get you! LOL


I remember the life quard leaving at 10:00 pm. I am not sure if you can swim without them there.


You have to love the creepy clown!!!


The lights all stayed on all night when we were there last summer. I remember waking up super early one morning and the pool was all bright and inviting at 4 am.


I don’t remember them closing the pool at all when we were there. We could have gone in anytime. And did late a few times.